Proven SEO Techniques to Increase Website Traffic In 2018

SEO Techniques to Increase Traffic In 2018

When it comes to your business’s online presence, understanding the nuances of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the starting point of creating brand awareness and increasing your traffic.

Why is SEO Important?

• There are 3.5 billion searches on Google every day, and you can watch them climb at

• According to Hubspot, 80% of website traffic starts with a search query

• 78% of Americans use the internet to research products and services before they make a purchase - Pew Research

• Two thirds of users never bother to go beyond the first page of results when using a search engine

• Local SEO is HUGE! 50% of consumers who perform a local search on their smartphone visit a store within a day?  - Hubspot

Getting SEO right requires research, experimentation, and a devotion to staying up-to-date on constantly changing Google algorithms that require the help of a full time SEO professional. But for those interested in some tips and tricks from the pros, here are 8 important SEO techniques that will increase your rankings in the major search engines.

1. Increase your site speed – According to surveys, around 50% of web users want a website to load in two seconds or less, and because of this Google has made it clear that site speed is a primary factor in determining website rank. Google has launched several tools like Page Speed Tool and AMP, the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, that help improve the speed of your site.
Better site speed also improves your conversion rates, because 79% of individuals who shop on the internet won’t return to a site if they face website performance issues.Test Website Speed, Website Sped Checker, Best Web Design Company, Lake Mary Web Design Company, Orlando Web Design Agency, Local Web Design, Orlando Web Design Company, Lake Mary Web Design Company

To increase the speed of your site, use "internet friendly" images that are not oversized and need to size down to fit your template. Don’t overload your website with unnecessary information. Use a CDN (content delivery network), understand the intricacies of http requests, integrate Google AMP, try optimizing JS and CSS files and use caching to your advantage. A tool like GT Metrix can help you find errors that are slowing your website down, and provide tips in how to fix them.

2. Audit your siteDo you need a new website design? When you perform an SEO audit of your website, you look at the overall performance of your website to find insight into why your  SEO strategy isn’t working as well as it could, and how to fix it.

When completing your audit, look for the following things: all website pages are optimized with local and industry related keywords, all pages have meta titles and descriptions specific to that page, your URL structure is search engine friendly (keep it simple), and that you format all pages and blogs properly, use keywords for all images, and use a blend of internal and external links to form the foundation of a linking strategy. User experience is a big part of SEO, visit your website as a regular visitor would and navigate the pages. is everything easy to understand, are there broken links, does your cart load properly, does your facebook icon lead to twitter, or just and not your company page? Any issue that slows you down will slow down the average visitor even more, because they're not as familiar with your website as you are.

3. Build a more engaging website – The more people start engaging with your website, the better are your chances of performing well on the search engine ladder.
In a study conducted by Backlinko, which analyzed 1 million search results, it was found that there is a robust link between bounce rates and search rankings. The reason is simple, a site that ranks high on the user engagement metrics is bound to have some useful information that a search engine would want to push out as the best results.
To create a more engaging site, format your posts carefully so that people find it easy to read (short sentences and paragraphs with sub headings and bullet points), use a lot of related images, use inverted pyramid style for content, lower bounce rates as much as possible.

4.Utilize YouTubeAdd videos to your digital marketing plan! With 3 billion searches per month, YouTube is second only to Google in terms of search engine popularity.
Of all the keyword searches on Google, 55% of them have a minimum of one video, and more than 80% of all those videos come from YouTube.
For Google to pick up on your video content, you need to provide written description of the video, and summarize your videos through small blog posts so that Google finds it easy to comprehend and ranks your website higher. Also, longer videos with clear and strong video thumbnails fare best in search rankings.

5. Mobile friendly sites are best – Having a mobile friendly website means not only that your website can be viewed on mobile devices, but also that it looks good and is easy to use. mobile responsive website design, business spring cleaning, web design, Orlando website design, Lake Mary website design, Orlando WordPress design
In May of last year, Google updated their search algorithm to considerably increase organic search rankings for websites that are mobile friendly. Additionally, mobile devices now account for more than 60% of day-to-day searches and in the US almost half (45%) of all the ecommerce sales will occur using mobile devices by the year 2020.
The best way to test if your site is mobile friendly is by utilizing Google’s Mobile Testing Tool.

6. Create unique, quality content –Your content should be relevant, robust, unique, and high quality.

In a study conducted by Backlinko, the average site that made it to the first page of the Google search results contained 1, 890 words! So not only does the quality of your content matter, but the longer the content, the more keywords would be available within the content. And more keywords mean a higher search engine ranking.

7. Update old content – One way of increasing organic traffic to your site is to repurpose your old content. All those posts that have generated organic traffic for you in the past can be reused with some improvements.
Use Google Analytics to find out how your posts have been performing on the internet. Pick up the posts that have been performing well and repurpose them for future use by making the headline catchier, updating old information and statistics, and changing images.

8. Build high quality backlinks – Building quality backlinks is crucial for landing on the first page of the search engine ranking. According to Moz, a backlink is a vote of confidence from one website to another. If you don’t build high quality backlinks, it makes ranking a challenge.
However, low quality links can do more harm to your website than good. Paid links or blog comments are low quality backlinks that don’t work in your favor. But when you earn these links through influencer marketing, top class content, and outreach it will improve your search ranking organically.

Overwhelmed by the work it takes to develop a successful SEO strategy? Contact Virtual Stacks Systems to do the job for you and take your SEO to a whole new level!

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Digital Gifts for a Digital Daddy-O

Digital Gifts for a Digital Daddy-O

So, what did YOU get for Father’s Day? Or what did you give the big guy that lights up your world? Was it a gift card to Virtual Stacks Systems for FREE website development and design with the purchase of an SEO package ? It should have been! Dad can take his business to the next level with a website and stronger online presence. The beautiful silk neck-tie was certainly an excellent choice and surely he loves it. But what about tying together his marketing plans? Organic marketing strategies and other traditional tactics of sales & advertising mean nothing in 2016 without the virtual aspect of them. Even if he is not a business holder, a website can be strictly for fun. Hobbies love to be shared with the world and are a great way to connect to the community surrounding said hobby. Do you have any idea how many Bird Watcher websites there are? A lot! Same thing with chess lovers!

Website development isn’t the only thing Virtual Stacks Systems specializes in. Imagine someone asking to borrow a pen and you pull out an awesome pen with your own personalized logo on it! You don’t need to be Mr. or Ms. Corporate America to have a pen with your name and special symbol on it! Like dad says…it’s in the little things. Creativity is the key to a great gift. Hopefully, you provided your father, husband, friend, of the family, coworker or even son who’s also a dad something unique and treasured. Still not sure how a top notch web hosting company can make your, or your dad’s, day, month or year better? How about all that free time afforded thanks to the products and services provided? If you or he runs a business, an interactive website or requires frequent social media maintenance, Virtual Stacks Systems will take the upkeep off your hands. Freeing your time and mind up to do more with your day. Whether you are a medical weight loss clinic, a course management system developer, an Orlando plumbercontractor or a pool maintenance provider, you can make the most out of days like today and give your social media presence a boost too - now that's something Daddy-O will be proud of!

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Getting Your Web Design “Just Right”

 Can You Make It…

“Can you make the wings have their own wings and then fly off into a brown polka dotted sunset?”

*Blank stare*

Sometimes a blank stare is just a pause for a moment of reflecting deep in thought. Other times it is so that laughter doesn’t bubble over. No matter what causes the pause, the customer’s vision is always doable. Talent, creativity and state of the art website design and development applications make Virtual Stacks Systems’ team of specialists a website producing machine!

A web designer’s ability to ‘make it happen’ is a first-class ticket to success town for the designer and the client.

Make it an Awesome Domain

Every aspect of website creation is a well thought out process that more often than not is full of trial-and-error situations. A top web hosting provider will go help you go through the trial and error phase of picking the perfect URL for your business website. It can be frustrating but usually it is just plain fun!

A Few Things to Remember:

IF you can’t type it easily, it might not work. Consumers won’t want to consult a dictionary every time they want to visit your website. is a bit much, don’t you think?

IF it has nothing to do with what you offer, it might not work. Consumers will be confused when searching for a local Taco Tuesday restaurant and your website pops up.

IF it has abusive or foul language, it might not work. Consumers are going to have a hard time tagging your website or trying to share it on a social media account they know their mother follows them on.

When all is said and done, choose a domain that’s right for you, your business and of course, potential stakeholders.

Make it Attractive

Colors that pop! Content that pulls them in! Animation that jumps off the screen! Graphic designers have one job and that is to create (for you) the best version of a digital calling card the internet has ever seen. Without going over the top with busy fillers or convoluted text, your business’ website can be the branding springboard you need to take your company to the next level.

Engaging your target audience is likely easier to do with more than just text. You would be surprised how many hand drawn pictures of a client’s vision a web designer receives. Pictures are actually pretty effective and gives the design team a starting point and better understanding of what will make you say “WOW!”

Make it Tech Savvy

Your website can be a completely original HTML layout that gives you, or your Virtual Stacks designers, free range to mold each web page into the exact format you envision. Or, it can be the customized end result with the help of one of the millions of unique templates available. Animation is great to look at but automation is great to experience.

Using innovative plugins and page graphics adds to the impressiveness of the entire website and showcases the expertise and professionalism that went into how you chose to present your brand to the world. For instance, if selling music albums is the main focus of your e-commerce website, try incorporating a spinning vinyl that once clicked, takes you directly to a check out page.

There are plenty of designs, content management platforms and other tools at your disposal to create the best landing pages for your digital presence. Simply do the research and hire someone to put it all together in a cloud server for your convenience!

Whether you are a data encryption provider, plumber in Orlando, FL, women's health clinic, or rapid weight loss plan provider, a creative website might be the only thing that stands between you and that next customer or client! 

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Time for Business Spring Cleaning!

   Time for Business Spring Cleaning!

Virtual Stacks is Ready to Host & Design Your Spring Cleaning!

How often do you make decisions that reflect who you are and what kind things, ideas and people you enjoy? The way you represent yourself and/or your business plays a major role in the success achieved. You wouldn’t show up to a corporate business meeting with traditional executives wearing your old ripped high school gym t-shirt, would you? No way! The same applies to what your website wears when conducting business. Usually, when making major identity representation decisions, we all tend to seek out graphics and content that:

  1. Catches The Eye – Attractive, Interesting & appeals to an aesthetic beauty.
  1. Kicks Up The Intrigue – Engaging, motivational, anything that not only pulls one in, but also makes them want to stay!
  1. Causes Action – Effectively makes consumers take action in moving forward with what you have to offer.
  1. Makes a Statement – Giving a fully understandable and user-friendly (if applicable) display of purpose, mission or cause represented.
  1. Stays Fresh – Fresh ideas, themes and visual displays that are up-to-date draw the attention of interested parties to any creativity and originality on display!

Business spring cleaning tends to make the DIY fanatic in all of us start new projects and as consumers we need to buy new supplies or services. Make sure your business is a well-known, viable option for what is needed. The best way to achieve this is to refresh your website design and brighten up your digital presence.

Virtual Stacks Systems offers competitively priced web hosting services and the best website design team there is. Call us today to spring into action!

Whether you are a Sanford leak detection company, provider of LMS education tools, VLCD weight loss provider, or landscape design, mobile-friendly web design is key to you beating your competition online.

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First Quarters & Your Digital Agenda

First Quarters & Your Digital Agenda

If your First Quarter projections don’t include an effective strategy for improving your digital presence, then you are not fully prepared for the New Year. As 2016 has

Read More

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The Perks and Possibilities of a Virtual Private Server

The Perks and Possibilities of a Virtual Private Server

Wait, What Exactly is a Server, Anyway?

There is a common and universal vagueness around the understanding of what a server is. But a server is really just a computer. A really big computer. The function of the big computer is to respond to requests from other computers, or to “serve” them. Kind of like a great waiter at a fancy restaurant. Which is why that giant, wait staff of a computer is referred to as a server. One of the many widespread jobs that a server accomplishes is web hosting. So does a Virtual Private Server (VPS) mean you get a giant computer all to yourself? Not exactly. There are actually several ways to host your website.

Shared Servers

When a server is shared, it is really hosting numerous websites at once and all users have equal contact with the server. In a shared server situation, hundreds or even thousands of people have access to the same server. It is a great solution for individual blogs or websites that need little in the way of security. For example, a gymnastics coach might host their site on a shared server, where he or she can list location, class times, rates and areas of expertise for public referral. In this scenario there is little need for high level security or back up.

Dedicated Servers

A server that is used exclusively to host one site is called a dedicated server. A dedicated server is expensive, but a necessary solution for enterprise level organizations like hospitals and large corporations. When you need a dedicated server, you know it. But what if you fall somewhere in between the above options? There is an easy answer.

Virtual Private Servers

Fortunately, server based web hosting can happen in a third form. This is the Virtual Private Server (VPS). A VPS is private and dedicated. When a higher level of security is required, small business web hosting, for example, a VPS is often the best answer. A VPS accommodates where files need an individual firewall, avoidance of public level accessibility and the ability to run software that isn’t allowed in shared server settings. But if it’s not shared, and it’s not dedicated, how does it work?

Here’s How it Works

A VPS is a section of a giant computer or server, which is partitioned to house several smaller servers. Each partitioned server within the computer is its own environment. Each environment has its own operating system (OS) accessible and 100% controlled by its user. A VPS is less expensive than a dedicated server – and a VPS has several advantages over a shared server.

Advantages of a VPS

The perks of hosting on a VPS are numerous:

  • You can fully customize a web space to meet your needs and never have to pay for features or storage that you don’t use.
  • It’s cost effective because it’s scalable. You can start with a plan that supplies only the resources you need and then add to your plan as your need expands.
  • You have more control and more options than with a shared server. You can run most any software to make your web space work for you. You also have CPU processing to keep your site running faster.
  • A VPS gives you the option of conducting secure ecommerce by allowing you to fulfill CPI Compliance requirement - so you can accept credit cards as payment.
  • You get the same level of technical support that you would with a shared server.
  • You can choose the level of involvement and support you desire: from simple server space, to semi- managed sites or even fully managed web hosting where design, SEO and maintenance is all handled for you.
  • But wait, there’s more! A VPS is backed up by design. Most VSP hardware includes a second copy and backup power supplies that keep your site safe! So, if you have any hardware issues at all, your host can easily move your web instance to another space and you’ll never miss up-time or go to expense to fix your server.

Best of all, a VPS is a green light move – once you start hosting with one, your options are almost endless.

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