Mobile Wallet

Give Your Customers the Convenience of a Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallets are quickly gaining popularity with consumers as a convenient, secure way to conduct transactions of all types. Basically the digital equivalent of a physical wallet, a mobile wallet is a place to store, organize and access a digital version of payment and non-payment items on a mobile device – keeping credit cards, loyalty cards, coupons, stored value cards, membership cards, tickets and more all in one place.


Non-payment items – known as a “pass” – can be easily updated at any time. Examples of passes include coupons, gift cards, stored value cards, membership cards, business cards, event tickets, booking confirmations and boarding passes. Unlike physical wallet content, a pass can be updated at any time (such as to provide a points balance), or remind a customer about the best time to use a coupon.


Mobile wallets are pre-installed on every mobile phone – Apple Wallet on iPhone, and Google Pay on Android. All you have to do is make your business available. Your mobile wallet will interact seamlessly with other applications and content for an effortless and expedient customer experience. Apple Wallet and Google Pay are becoming the trusted, preferred central hub for mobile payments, loyalty, coupons, ticketing and more!


Getting your business on the platforms and apps that members of your target market use is now more essential than ever in keeping competitive – especially with millennial consumers and the powerful, emerging generation Z!



Join The Mobile Wallet Marketing Revolution!

A mobile wallet will help your business achieve:
• Multi-channel distribution
• QR code distribution
• Email distribution
• NFC pay distribution
• Connected content


Integration opportunities

Your customers will enjoy:
• Instant delivery
• Automatic device detection
• Location- and time-based reminders
• Immediate updates
• Multi-language options
• A personalized experience


Virtual Stacks Systems’ mobile wallet provides fresh experience for customers and a new channel for brands – tapping into apps your customers already own! Contact us to learn more and get started!

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