Indoor Digital Billboards

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✓ Engage and connect with potential new customers

✓ Stay top-of-mind of existing customers for better retention


We can’t help ourselves. Wherever a TV is on, our eyes are immediately drawn to the screen, and we start watching – and either consciously or subconsciously pay attention. If you want to grow your business, this characteristic can work to your advantage.


Build Your Business with Virtual Stacks Systems’ Indoor Digital Billboards

Indoor digital billboards reach active consumers with relevant, targeted messages as they spend time at your establishment – engaging them when they are the most receptive. We strategically place digital monitors in high-visibility areas, where your advertisement runs to an audience consisting of your target demographic, watching your ad during their stay.


By identifying the length of this “dwell time” – the measure of how long someone remains in a particular area – we can determine the number of brand impressions your guests/customers will receive – increasing the likelihood that they’ll take the desired action.


As a digital marketing agency with many years of experience, Virtual Stacks Systems has an accomplished creative team that will consult with you to craft ads that effectively speak to the consumers you want to reach. You can run several messages on the same display, and enjoy the ability to make changes as needed – without the long lead time and considerable extra expense that traditional video or print advertising involves.


The Statistics

It’s estimated that the average person is exposed to more than 64 hours of promotional messages outside of their home each year, and digital place-based media is becoming a large part of that exposure. PQ Media estimates that there are now more than 1 million digital place-based screens across the United States.


According to a recent study by Arbitron | Scarborough USA, more than 108 million on-the-go consumers reported seeing place-based video advertising displays across 10 different venue types over a 30-day period. Digital place-based networks have a constantly replenished audience throughout the business’ hours of operation, and can provide you with proof of play, so you know that your message is making an impression.


Advantages Over Other Types of Advertising

Outdoor billboards – Expensive, and unable to be targeted to your desired market demographic. Traffic passes too fast for message to make an impression.


Online media – Your ad competes for attention with other content on the website, and may be deliberately blocked by the viewer.


Cable television – Expensive, and no guarantee enough members of your target market will see your ad when it runs.


Print – Typically needs to run as part of a multi-channel campaign to be effective. Again, no guarantee that the target audience will see the ad or pay sufficient attention to it.


The Virtual Stacks Systems Advantage

We offer customizable plans that are affordable for every business. Our price points and cost-per-impression make Virtual Stacks Systems’ indoor digital billboards an economical choice designed to provide an outstanding return on investment (ROI).


We can help you get more for your advertising dollar: more brand awareness, more customers and more sales. Contact us to get started.

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