SMS Text Marketing

Drive More Business with SMS Text Marketing

Open a new world of business opportunity with SMS text marketing by Virtual Stacks Systems! Short message service (SMS) is commonly known as text messaging – and it’s the most effective way of reaching your existing and potential customers with discounts, promotions, reminders, notifications and events to engage participation while building loyalty.


How it Works

Customers opt in to messages with a distributed keyword, and automatically begin receiving offers and information. Text marketing users see a 98% open rate, making it hard to beat in any other marketing avenue. Text messaging has become the convenient, preferred method for customers to connect and stay up-to-date with businesses ‒ make sure yours is in the loop!


Not only do your customer benefit, but so do you. Text marketing delivers valuable information through tracking and reports that helps you hone in on your audience and their demands.


Features include:
• Contact list creation
• Drip campaigns
• Integrations
• Text forwarding
• Recurring messages
• Link shortening
• Poll Building
• Scheduling


SMS Text Marketing ‒ Short, Sweet and Effective


Whether your business is retail, service, restaurant, hospitality, or even a non-profit organization, SMS text marketing can cut through the clutter of competing advertising and marketing campaigns, and drive the traffic that gets results. For non-profits, SMS text marketing is an excellent way to build support for volunteer efforts and donation drives.


You’ll be surprised at how economical this powerful avenue of communications is! Contact Virtual Stacks Systems today to learn more and get started!

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