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The customer is king, and companies can and should go to any extent to meet their expectations. However, meeting customer expectations is not all that easy, especially with intense competition everywhere. That is probably the reason companies are increasingly adopting customer relationship management (CRM) technology to serve their customers better. Because not all CRM solutions are equal, you need to be informed to make the best decision for your business and carefully weigh your options.


Welcome to the world of Virtual Stacks Systems, a cloud-based CRM software company based Orlando, Florida. Our eZnet CRM platform has been successfully adopted by corporates not just in the United States, but all over the world. With years of experience in the software industry, we know what it takes to implement a CRM solution.


What is CRM?

CRM is software that helps you organize, streamline and automate every aspect of customer interaction – which includes sales, marketing, customer support and service. It improves your customer’s experience and increases their loyalty. A CRM system manages all data and communications of every customer (individual or account), which helps your organization track and maintain positive customer relationships.


eZnet CRM is a cloud-based CRM system designed to help businesses from small to enterprise level reach their business objectives through effective customer account management. With the added benefit of cloud servers, the entire customer lifecycle is fully tailored to focus on the complete sales process.


Why you need a CRM software company like Virtual Stacks Systems

CRM is the fastest-growing software market, experiencing a steady rise in revenue over the years. It is expected to become a $40 billion industry in 2018. With the benefits of CRM widely known throughout every industry, you can achieve your objective of serving your customers better, thereby producing increased revenue.



Virtual Stacks System’s 25 years of experience in the software industry allows us to understand the need of our clients, and implement the system that best suits their needs.  We have a list of clients who are successfully using eZnet CRM, and are maintaining excellent relationship with their customers.



Customer support is not just crucial during the implementation stages; it is also vital after the initial phase. You need technical assistance for the smooth functioning of the CRM software. We provide around-the-clock technical assistance to all our customers so that you don’t lose focus on the core issues of your business.


User-friendly product

CRM user adoption is a challenge even for the best of managers and their teams. Slow and low user adoption are the primary reasons CRM engagement fails to achieve its full potential. Because it is often difficult for employees to embrace any change, eZnet CRM is an intuitive and user-friendly software that is easy to use and adapt. We make it easy to win over the members of your organization and quickly get them on board.



Because every business has a different set of requirements, customization is of utmost importance. A CRM software company that is unable to customize the product to your requirement is not in any way a good option for you. But, when you use a CRM software like eZnet CRM, you can rest assured that we will customize it to suit your needs. We will make sure that we deliver a product that adds value to your organization.



It is, of course, not practical (or economical) to change your software every few years. eZnet CRM is fully scalable to successfully accommodate the needs of your company’s growth over time.



When you are using eZnet CRM, you don’t have to worry about mobility. eZnet CRM allows your workforce to access data from any internet-enabled device in any location.



Virtual Stacks Systems offers competitive, transparent pricing that fits any budget. Every business is important to us, and we strive to deliver the highest value.


Product demo

At Virtual Stacks Systems, we give our customers time to test our product before purchasing. Our free 30-day trial is an excellent opportunity for you to implement eZnet CRM and experience the difference for yourself.

If you are looking for a CRM software company, contact Virtual Stacks Systems for our eZnet CRM offering and start managing your customers with increased insight.

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