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Corporations around the world are turning to eLearning to keep their workforce abreast of the latest trends and developments in their industry. And a learning management system (LMS) has emerged as the single most important tool that helps businesses deliver quality content to a large captive audience. However, you need to find a reliable LMS service provider to achieve your goals. Selecting an LMS service provider is an important decision, as your organization will depend on it for training, advice, technical support, etc. on a regular basis.


Based in Orlando, Florida, Virtual Stacks Systems is a leading LMS service provider that offers the experience, reach and expertise for all of your learning and training needs. Offered under our eZnet brand, this cloud-based LMS application manages your entire workforce through an all-inclusive solution.


What is an LMS?

An LMS is a tool used by businesses of all sizes and across industries for delivery of learning and/or training courses. The software is capable of delivering academic courses and/ or training curriculums to a large audience.


As an enterprise-wide application that organizes all your learning content in one place, an LMS also enhances the flow of information to managers. This powerful tool also tracks, monitors and reports the performance of every student/trainee in the group.


Reasons to select Virtual Stacks Systems as your LMS service provider

An LMS not only helps organizations train their workforce, but assists them in increasing efficiency and productivity. By doing so, an LMS is vital for the growth and development of employees as well as the organization. Yet, these advantages are only available from an LMS service provider that is ready to provide comprehensive support to your company.


One of your primary considerations should be the experience of the LMS service provider. At Virtual Stacks Systems, we have over two decades of experience in the software industry, which helps us successfully implement an LMS in any vertical. We have a growing client base that is testimony to the customer satisfaction we achieve.


✓ Our services are reliable – An LMS service provider should offer a minimum of downtime and a glitch-free experience. Virtual Stacks Systems has high-speed servers that are among the best in the industry, providing an uptime guarantee of 99.9%.


✓ We offer round the clock technical support – Customer support and technical assistance are not just required during the implementation stages – you also need them afterward. At Virtual Stacks Systems, we offer around-the-clock technical support and assistance to all of our customers.


✓ Our services are scalable – Scalability is another issue which you should be concerned about while selecting an LMS service provider. Choosing a platform capable of growing your company’s training needs while maintaining good quality, usability, flexibility and granularity is necessary to staying competitive.


✓ We can customize our offering – It is important to get a customized LMS offering so that it meets the goals you have set out to achieve. Virtual Stacks has the experience to customize the LMS so that it suits your requirements.


✓ We offer high security and back up your data – Corporate training materials are sensitive company information that needs to be kept secure. You also have to make sure that your data is continuously backed up. At Virtual Stacks Systems, we make sure that your company information remains safe and secure. With complete disaster recovery, we can protect your confidential data and back up it up at all times.


✓ We offer competitive pricing – At Virtual Stacks, we understand that every organization is price-sensitive. We have a simple and transparent pricing policy of pay-as-you-use, with highly competitive rates.


If an LMS service provider is what you are looking for, contact Virtual Stacks Systems for our eZnet LMS offering. We have what it takes to serve you better.

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