Why MEGAeBin Cloud Storage

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MEGAeBin Ensures You Get More from Your Business

A business may have one main location, but its operation is not stationary. Having access to your important information at all times is an imperative need for organizations of every size. Now, cloud computing capability has shaped the business world with the right tools for versatility and accessibility. MEGAeBin makes being in-the-cloud that much easier!

Collaborate ideas, documents and media files with colleagues from any device and any location. MEGAeBin offers online storage that is safe and secure, allowing team members to sync and share data from all devices.

– Your data access is seamless – we can protect your information both inside and outside the organization

– User-friendly and easy to access from home, office and on-the-go

– Information is always available on-demand

– Increased productivity for the entire team

– Cloud-based system that supports all Microsoft, Apple and Linux files


We Secure Data and Company Information

Safeguarding your business data is our top priority and a company-wide commitment from Virtual Stacks Systems. Maintaining control over information flow can be very difficult when it comes to utilizing a system that stores data. This is NOT the case with MEGAeBin. One of the greatest benefits to your business is the System Administrator Control that allows you to monitor who can share, view and edit which files. Plus, the user-friendly interface allows you to restrict access and secure data in the event a device is lost or stolen.


MEGAeBin is the Right Choice for Your Business

Eliminate the frustration of misplacing or even losing important documents by taking the steps to becoming a paperless organization. Features such as device permissions management, unlimited file recovery and distributing assignment capability each make MEGAeBin the best choice for your company.

– Improve your organization’s environmental footprint by reducing hardcopy waste

– Cut costs with the affordably low business aid

– Even use MEGAeBin as a backup to reduce media clutter on your hard drive

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