What Is eZnet Chat?

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Get Instant Connections For Both Your Employees and Customers To Enjoy!

eZnetCHAT is a cloud based internet solution that can be added to any application as a helpful and productive widget connecting your office. The widget brings instant messaging to your business’ employees and customers. Kick your success level up a notch with the real-time communication widget designed specifically for on-the-go business professionals.


eZnetCHAT is user-friendly and easy to operate for both internal and external usage. Employees can sign in and be ready to assist anyone in cue immediately. As seen with eZnet CRM and other Virtual Stacks Systems’ services, advanced automation allows for a more reliable and authoritative Instant Messaging mastery, transfer ability and Ticket creation operation.


Widget Your Way

Have simple Plugin-n-Begin technology at your fingertips with eZnetCHAT. Start using it immediately with the easy to implement features and connectivity. Chat with any visitors that may have questions you can easily answer for them right away. Cut down on calls and wait times with this helpful application.


Chat in Numbers

Link your contact list or easily add new colleagues and friends to any chat conversation whether you open it immediately or is already in progress. Cut out the frustration of back and forth correspondence between multiple parties by grouping interested parties in one group chat. No information or steps are lost when all parties are privy to all important communication efforts.


Why Do I Need eZnetCHAT?

Help should always be on the way! As customers, we all want answers to the questions that slow us down. Customers expect:

  • Tickets resolved in a timely fashion
  • Confusing applications walked through
  • Explanations of advanced features
  • Friendly & progressive interactions
  • Shorter wait times


Reliable customer service is an integral component of successful business practices. There is no greater way to create happy customers than to remain accessible and easy to communicate with.


There is also no greater way to create loyal customers at the same time than to be held accountable on a real-time level. Keep your management and traveling or intercontinental executives in the loop and able to run operations from remote areas.


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