Yelp Updates Are Coming: Get Your Business Pages Ready!

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Yelp Changes: Get Your Business Ready

A robust presence on Yelp is essential for your business for a number of reasons. Good reviews from Yelp users can help your SEO strategy by driving more local traffic to your website and business. Yelp users like to see a business that is quick to respond to costumer concerns and broadcasts that they care about fixing any aspect of a negative experience. Yelp will soon be rolling out more changes to their platform, and businesses will need to be ready to have even more of a social presence on the site.

No more review requests

Yelp will be strictly enforcing its policies against soliciting positive reviews from customers in exchange for goods or compensation. The Yelp terms and services prohibit getting reviews in a way that is not organic (similar to Youtube’s rules against telling visitors directly to click on ads). Instead of trying to bribe costumers for good reviews, businesses need to curate positive responses on Yelp through a standard of high-quality customer service.

Yelp Followers will be available for all to see…

Currently on Yelp “followers” of a particular brand are invisible and anonymous. Users can see updates on businesses they follow, but no one can see what businesses they are following. Yelp has recently announced this will be changing. On November 28th Yelp follower lists will be visible to all. This is the perfect opportunities for businesses use their follows as a way to grow their brand.

Updates to Facebook Local Will Rival Yelp

Facebook already always had a review presence, but they have recently moved to compete directly with Yelp. The newest Facebook product launch is actually a relaunch of Facebook Local. The original Facebook Local app acted as a curator of events in your area. The relaunch still curates events, but it will instead give a greater focus on Yelp-style reviews and recommendations. If the app takes off Yelp will have a healthy competitor, and businesses will need to strategize for yet another platform. Just like with Yelp and with the current system of Facebook page reviews on their main website, be responsive and attentive to review responses.

Having a landing page ready to go

Yelp traffic will likely bring people to your website. You will need a landing page that clearly expresses your product or service’s mission statement, with a call to action that drives people to purchase products, sign up for a newsletter, download files, and so on. This will be the first thing customers see when they click your website from Yelp so make it pop!

LOS ANGELES, CA/USA – November 11, 2015: Yelp emblem on restaurant exterior. Yelp publishes on-line reviews about businesses.

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