Why You Should Hire a Professional Web Developer

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In the digital age, having a professional website is like having a business card that tells your customers about your brand, mission statement, products, location, and how to contact you. A professional web designer is crucial to developing a website that will drive traffic, and show potential customers what your business is all about.

First Impressions Matter

Your website is often the first thing potential customers will see. Presenting a web page that is clean, orderly, and has a strong landing page will net you more potential customers than a poorly designed website or no website at all. In fact, a poor web presence can make customers feel distrustful of a product. According to the Score Association, a nonprofit business mentoring organization with US Business Administration support, half of all sales are lost when clients cannot find information about a product or service online.

Your Customers are Online

In March of 2017, there were 3.74 billion people online, which increased from 3.26 billion in 2016. However, a survey by the research firm Clutch found that over 30% of small businesses still do not have a website. And of those businesses with a website, only 17% have a website optimized for mobile. As a business owner, it is crucial to recognize that your customers are a part of those 3.74 billion people online and ensure that your website is optimized to catch their attention in the high traffic of the online world online.

A Professional Web Developer Knows What Customers Look For

A professional web developer knows from experience and training what customers are expecting to see on your landing page and how to keep them engaged. They know which design elements customers will respond to and how to keep a page looking modern and sleek.

It Will Save You Time

As a small business owner, you are working constantly and just don’t have the time necessary to learn how to design a quality website. It takes time to research the availability of a domain name, the best design platforms, and which design elements are optimal. This is all before the process of actually coding the site begins, and doesn’t even account for specialized pages that are necessary for e-commerce websites. A knowledgeable web design firm will build you a website more quickly than you can build one yourself.

It Can Fix Any Issues With Your Website

A professional web developer will know how to fix issues such as broken links, difficult to navigate pages and long loading times. They have an advanced knowledge of web coding and the resources to keep your page running smoothly. 25% of small business owners claim they don’t have a website because they lack the technical knowledge needed to build and maintain one. A professional web design firm will have the technical knowledge that may be preventing you from creating your site, and keep it running smoothly.

It Can Improve Local SEO & Global SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is how customers find your website. SEO allows for your website to be found on the largest search engines, which results in more clicks for your website and, as a result, bigger profits! A web development firm knows how to make your website SEO compliant, how to make it stand out locally, and how to structure your website so it performs well and keeps people coming back.

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