Capitalizing on Trends to Improve Your Bottom Line

Capitalizing What's Trending

Are You Marketing to What’s Trending?

Every single business, from the large corporation to six year old Susie’s Lemonade stand, is paying attention to the marketing of their products or services. With so many great strategies out there, from having marketing reps in the street to having the best website hosting provider, running any organization without consideration for getting seen by at least one person is a futile waste of time.

Brand marketing strategies will vary among companies and the outcomes will fluctuate but as long as you designate a few specific focal points, you can structure your strategy to capitalize via any avenue. These days, one of the most effective strategies, both organic & online, is to keep at least some of the marketing focus on what's trending in your target market.

Have you ever seen a vendor setting up shop at your favorite festival and wondered “Why bother?!” when what they are selling has no bearing on the event? Well, marketing is marketing! Any correlation can be harnessed to bring about:

Brand Awareness

Community/Follower Building

Effective Target Market Positioning

Expanded Audience (outside of originally targeted market)

As long as your Return on investment (ROI) is favorable, any marketing strategy is a good one. It is similar to the saying: “Any PR is good PR.”

A major misconception in the cost of marketing to the masses is that only one strategy can work at a time. Your Marketing & Sales department can send a thousand Sales Reps out into the field and STILL need an attractive website with a solid digital presence. Overlapping an organic marketing plan with a digital one is an incredibly lucrative practice that ensures widespread growth.

Lessons Learned

Let’s go back to our darling little Susie. She wants to set up her Lemonade Stand at Coachella. So she sends her big brother (because 6 year olds aren’t allowed at annual big name music festivals; that would be silly!).

Brother Tim thinks it is ridiculous but is wrapped around her finger so he gives it a try. As a joke, he creates a sign that reads:

“My Baby Sister Is Making Me Sell Her Refreshing Lemonade. So Come & Get It!”

He decides to set up shop near the most populated area and sure enough, he is pretty successful the first day. He is amazed! The whole time customers are laughing and taking pictures and SnapChating it as they quench their thirst under the hot California sun.

By the second day, he has generated a line with multiple requests/offers to tag the business’ website or social media pages. Uh oh. Tim has nothing to offer them to showcase the business so he takes down their information promising to reach out to them soon. This is why enacting multiple marketing strategies is such a pertinent tactic.


lemonade bro 2


Upon returning home, he tells Susie all about it and they decide they need an online presence. They see a Virtual Stacks ad on the internet and wisely purchase cloud-based website hosting with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) package that includes social media management.

Outside of school work, they work hard marketing all year and when big brother Tim returns to the music festival armed with a stronger virtual identity, festival goers are instantly lined up waiting to meet the company they’ve been hearing about (and from) all year!

Whether you are a content delivery platform provider, plumbing provider, commercial painting provider, or supplier of appetite suppressants, you always need to stay one step ahead of the pack.

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Time for Business Spring Cleaning!

   Time for Business Spring Cleaning!

Virtual Stacks is Ready to Host & Design Your Spring Cleaning!

How often do you make decisions that reflect who you are and what kind things, ideas and people you enjoy? The way you represent yourself and/or your business plays a major role in the success achieved. You wouldn’t show up to a corporate business meeting with traditional executives wearing your old ripped high school gym t-shirt, would you? No way! The same applies to what your website wears when conducting business. Usually, when making major identity representation decisions, we all tend to seek out graphics and content that:

  1. Catches The Eye – Attractive, Interesting & appeals to an aesthetic beauty.
  1. Kicks Up The Intrigue – Engaging, motivational, anything that not only pulls one in, but also makes them want to stay!
  1. Causes Action – Effectively makes consumers take action in moving forward with what you have to offer.
  1. Makes a Statement – Giving a fully understandable and user-friendly (if applicable) display of purpose, mission or cause represented.
  1. Stays Fresh – Fresh ideas, themes and visual displays that are up-to-date draw the attention of interested parties to any creativity and originality on display!

Business spring cleaning tends to make the DIY fanatic in all of us start new projects and as consumers we need to buy new supplies or services. Make sure your business is a well-known, viable option for what is needed. The best way to achieve this is to refresh your website design and brighten up your digital presence.

Virtual Stacks Systems offers competitively priced web hosting services and the best website design team there is. Call us today to spring into action!

Whether you are a Sanford leak detection company, provider of LMS education tools, VLCD weight loss provider, or landscape design, mobile-friendly web design is key to you beating your competition online.

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First Quarters & Your Digital Agenda

First Quarters & Your Digital Agenda

If your First Quarter projections don’t include an effective strategy for improving your digital presence, then you are not fully prepared for the New Year. As 2016 has

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The Perks and Possibilities of a Virtual Private Server

The Perks and Possibilities of a Virtual Private Server

Wait, What Exactly is a Server, Anyway?

There is a common and universal vagueness around the understanding of what a server is. But a server is really just a computer. A really big computer. The function of the big computer is to respond to requests from other computers, or to “serve” them. Kind of like a great waiter at a fancy restaurant. Which is why that giant, wait staff of a computer is referred to as a server. One of the many widespread jobs that a server accomplishes is web hosting. So does a Virtual Private Server (VPS) mean you get a giant computer all to yourself? Not exactly. There are actually several ways to host your website.

Shared Servers

When a server is shared, it is really hosting numerous websites at once and all users have equal contact with the server. In a shared server situation, hundreds or even thousands of people have access to the same server. It is a great solution for individual blogs or websites that need little in the way of security. For example, a gymnastics coach might host their site on a shared server, where he or she can list location, class times, rates and areas of expertise for public referral. In this scenario there is little need for high level security or back up.

Dedicated Servers

A server that is used exclusively to host one site is called a dedicated server. A dedicated server is expensive, but a necessary solution for enterprise level organizations like hospitals and large corporations. When you need a dedicated server, you know it. But what if you fall somewhere in between the above options? There is an easy answer.

Virtual Private Servers

Fortunately, server based web hosting can happen in a third form. This is the Virtual Private Server (VPS). A VPS is private and dedicated. When a higher level of security is required, small business web hosting, for example, a VPS is often the best answer. A VPS accommodates where files need an individual firewall, avoidance of public level accessibility and the ability to run software that isn’t allowed in shared server settings. But if it’s not shared, and it’s not dedicated, how does it work?

Here’s How it Works

A VPS is a section of a giant computer or server, which is partitioned to house several smaller servers. Each partitioned server within the computer is its own environment. Each environment has its own operating system (OS) accessible and 100% controlled by its user. A VPS is less expensive than a dedicated server – and a VPS has several advantages over a shared server.

Advantages of a VPS

The perks of hosting on a VPS are numerous:

  • You can fully customize a web space to meet your needs and never have to pay for features or storage that you don’t use.
  • It’s cost effective because it’s scalable. You can start with a plan that supplies only the resources you need and then add to your plan as your need expands.
  • You have more control and more options than with a shared server. You can run most any software to make your web space work for you. You also have CPU processing to keep your site running faster.
  • A VPS gives you the option of conducting secure ecommerce by allowing you to fulfill CPI Compliance requirement - so you can accept credit cards as payment.
  • You get the same level of technical support that you would with a shared server.
  • You can choose the level of involvement and support you desire: from simple server space, to semi- managed sites or even fully managed web hosting where design, SEO and maintenance is all handled for you.
  • But wait, there’s more! A VPS is backed up by design. Most VSP hardware includes a second copy and backup power supplies that keep your site safe! So, if you have any hardware issues at all, your host can easily move your web instance to another space and you’ll never miss up-time or go to expense to fix your server.

Best of all, a VPS is a green light move – once you start hosting with one, your options are almost endless.

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