Why You Should Hire a Professional Web Developer

Why You Should Hire a Professional Web Developer

In the digital age, having a professional website is like having a business card that tells your customers about your brand, mission statement, products, location, and how to contact you. A professional web designer is crucial to developing a website that will drive traffic, and show potential customers what your business is all about.


First Impressions Matter

Your website is often the first thing potential customers will see. Presenting a web page that is clean, orderly, and has a strong landing page will net you more potential customers than a poorly designed website or no website at all. In fact, a poor web presence can make customers feel distrustful of a product. According to the Score Association, a nonprofit business mentoring organization with US Business Administration support, half of all sales are lost when clients cannot find information about a product or service online.


Your Customers are Online

In March of 2017, there were 3.74 billion people online, which increased from 3.26 billion in 2016. However, a survey by the research firm Clutch found that over 30% of small businesses still do not have a website. And of those businesses with a website, only 17% have a website optimized for mobile. As a business owner, it is crucial to recognize that your customers are a part of those 3.74 billion people online and ensure that your website is optimized to catch their attention in the high traffic of the online world online.


A Professional Web Developer Knows What Customers Look For

A professional web developer knows from experience and training what customers are expecting to see on your landing page and how to keep them engaged. They know which design elements customers will respond to and how to keep a page looking modern and sleek.


It Will Save You Time

As a small business owner, you are working constantly and just don’t have the time necessary to learn how to design a quality website. It takes time to research the availability of a domain name, the best design platforms, and which design elements are optimal. This is all before the process of actually coding the site begins, and doesn’t even account for specialized pages that are necessary for e-commerce websites. A knowledgeable web design firm will build you a website more quickly than you can build one yourself.


It Can Fix Any Issues Your Website Has

 A professional web developer will know how to fix issues such as broken links, difficult to navigate pages and long loading times. They have an advanced knowledge of web coding and the resources to keep your page running smoothly. 25% of small business owners claim they don’t have a website because they lack the technical knowledge needed to build and maintain one. A professional web design firm will have the technical knowledge that may be preventing you from creating your site, and keep it running smoothly.


It Can Improve Local SEO & Global SEO 

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is how customers find your website. SEO allows for your website to be found on the largest search engines, which results in more clicks for your website and, as a result, bigger profits! A web development firm knows how to make your website SEO compliant, how to make it stand out locally, and how to structure your website so it performs well and keeps people coming back.


Virtual Stacks Systems

For a limited time, Virtual Stacks Systems will be offering web design services starting at only $399 a month. The website development experts at Virtual Stacks Systems will build your business a winning website that will increase your revenue, so call us today at 1-877-368-4446 for a free consultation.

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Capitalizing on Trends to Improve Your Bottom Line

Capitalizing What's Trending

Are You Marketing to What’s Trending?

Every single business, from the large corporation to six year old Susie’s Lemonade stand, is paying attention to the marketing of their products or services. With so many great strategies out there, from having marketing reps in the street to having the best website hosting provider, running any organization without consideration for getting seen by at least one person is a futile waste of time.

Brand marketing strategies will vary among companies and the outcomes will fluctuate but as long as you designate a few specific focal points, you can structure your strategy to capitalize via any avenue. These days, one of the most effective strategies, both organic & online, is to keep at least some of the marketing focus on what's trending in your target market.

Have you ever seen a vendor setting up shop at your favorite festival and wondered “Why bother?!” when what they are selling has no bearing on the event? Well, marketing is marketing! Any correlation can be harnessed to bring about:

Brand Awareness

Community/Follower Building

Effective Target Market Positioning

Expanded Audience (outside of originally targeted market)

As long as your Return on investment (ROI) is favorable, any marketing strategy is a good one. It is similar to the saying: “Any PR is good PR.”

A major misconception in the cost of marketing to the masses is that only one strategy can work at a time. Your Marketing & Sales department can send a thousand Sales Reps out into the field and STILL need an attractive website with a solid digital presence. Overlapping an organic marketing plan with a digital one is an incredibly lucrative practice that ensures widespread growth.

Lessons Learned

Let’s go back to our darling little Susie. She wants to set up her Lemonade Stand at Coachella. So she sends her big brother (because 6 year olds aren’t allowed at annual big name music festivals; that would be silly!).

Brother Tim thinks it is ridiculous but is wrapped around her finger so he gives it a try. As a joke, he creates a sign that reads:

“My Baby Sister Is Making Me Sell Her Refreshing Lemonade. So Come & Get It!”

He decides to set up shop near the most populated area and sure enough, he is pretty successful the first day. He is amazed! The whole time customers are laughing and taking pictures and SnapChating it as they quench their thirst under the hot California sun.

By the second day, he has generated a line with multiple requests/offers to tag the business’ website or social media pages. Uh oh. Tim has nothing to offer them to showcase the business so he takes down their information promising to reach out to them soon. This is why enacting multiple marketing strategies is such a pertinent tactic.


lemonade bro 2


Upon returning home, he tells Susie all about it and they decide they need an online presence. They see a Virtual Stacks ad on the internet and wisely purchase cloud-based website hosting with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) package that includes social media management.

Outside of school work, they work hard marketing all year and when big brother Tim returns to the music festival armed with a stronger virtual identity, festival goers are instantly lined up waiting to meet the company they’ve been hearing about (and from) all year!

Whether you are a content delivery platform provider, plumbing provider, commercial painting provider, or supplier of appetite suppressants, you always need to stay one step ahead of the pack.

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Why Do I Even Need SEO?

Do I need PageRank?

PR as in Puerto Rico? No Silly, PageRank!

Google has a strong fundamental belief in making the internet a better place to virtually surf. The tools and applications Google develops to protect your search experience are designed for security and productive assistance. So when it comes to optimizing your website for search engines, the techniques used by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals become a main go-to for daily activity. Google’s PageRank is an SEO tool that counts the number of links directing searchers to a website and uses those numbers to score the pages. The more links, the more important a web page is.

Where every SEO tool Google, and the many other search engines, creates is programmed to scour the web for distinct information, PageRank pertains to the popularity of a website. A site’s popularity is the result of the numerous reasons people would want to visit your website. It also pertains to the reasoning for people wanting to send others to your site as well.

Consider these two big reasons for popularity increases:

  • Content Relevance – The more helpful and informative your content is, the more people will be inclined to revisit and suggest your website. Also, make sure the content is up to date and commonly verified or accepted.
  • Personal Gain – Other website creators will link to a higher ranked webpage as a gateway for internet surfers to visit their relative site. Back-linking and other link techniques can be mutually beneficial or just plain annoying.

The PageRank relies on a scoring system that goes from 0 to 10; ten being the highest rank a web page can receive. The more important Google finds a page once it is created, the higher the score will move up. It’s as simple as that! When starting out, your page will have a zero regardless of how vital your website may actually be to inquiring minds. Once it begins to interact with other pages and is deemed safe, over time it will rise in PR score.

Recently, Google announced that it will be removing the PageRank meter from the Google Toolbar. Its purpose as a tool for public use has run out not that Google is as popular as it has become. Even though we will no longer be able to see it, it will still be used internally when the Google algorithms decipher our web pages.  Some find PR’s public end a good thing. Others, not so much. No matter your feelings either way, say goodbye to the outdated scoring system!

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E-commerce and You

E-commerce and You

Ecommerce, what is it?
Virtual storefronts, virtual malls, Etail…these are terms used when describing a point of service for E-commerce.
E-commerce simply means buying and selling products and services on the internet. It’s such a common thing in our lives at this point in time, can you believe that it was invented 25 years ago? Well to specify, “Online Shopping” was invented in 1979 by Michael Aldrich, an English inventor and Enrepreneur.

A closer look at the numbers

Let’s look at the years 2010, 2011 and 2012 for some eye-popping statistical data on e-commerce.
From Statista (Follow them on Twitter @StatistaCharts)

"In 2010 U.S. retail ecommerce sales were $167.3 billion U.S. dollars and amounted to $225.5 billion Dollars and are projected to grow to 434.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2017."

Everywhere you look, you will see them. They are your colleagues and competitors alike, and the successful business owners use e-commerce to increase their customer base and revenue.
Why do customers go online for their shopping? Online consumers need an available online shopping experience for many reasons. Their time is limited, could be a transportation or other mobility issue. Perhaps they just feel the need to view your product and pricing. In many cases the ease of clicking “buy now” is better than driving across town or haggling with you over the telephone.
Any business with that wants to grow sales and customers must have an online store. If you want to keep up and expand, web sales are key to your small business success. E-commerce helps this happen!

Benefits of E-commerce include:

  • With an online storefront, you will have potential Customers from all over for a very small fraction of the price of a brick and mortar building, by reducing costs such as payroll, rent, utilities.
  • You can sell your products to a larger pool of customers, those that do not necessarily live in your area.
  • Your online storefront does not close. E-commerce allows you to earn sales at any hour of the day or night.
  • Without needing the same amount of manpower, your online storefront will provide huge savings.
  • Add awareness to your business and increase revenue

Virtual Stacks offers Powerful e-commerce hosting that’s fast

Get the most from your online business with Virtual Stacks e-commerce hosting. Work on your site as little or as much as you want. Build up your product list, create a fast, secure checkout and promote your business online.

Smart, secure checkout with options.

Sell your products online to customers who trust you with our e-commerce hosting plans. With secure checkout options, you can easily set up your payment processing and shipping for successful transactions that are quick and simple for your customers. 

Your online storefront can make or break your business.
We build a custom e-commerce store for you and offer 24/7 support to help you manage your store.

Do you have a service or product to sell?

Virtual Stacks will work with you to get your business off the ground and on the World Wide Web by providing everything you need to get found online:

  • E-commerce hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Web hosting service
  • Website Design
  • Logo Creation
  • Domain Name

Get E-commerce hosting and start selling online. We'll make it possible.

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