SEO: Going, Going, Not So Gone

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Finally figured out what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was only to hear that Search Marketing Integration (SMI) is the cool new “in-the-know” marketing tool? Don’t worry, the mastery of the commonly used SEO tactics is not a wasted venture. Rather, SEO knowledge is a great starting place when comprehending the bigger picture that is lately being referred to as Search Marketing Integration.

Out with the Old

‘Out with the old and in with the new’ is what the experts and critics alike say when discussing the rapid rate of change of current online marketing models. Search engines are still scouring the internet for spam, weak content and malicious activity. Yet now there is a greater emphasis on the engagement and social presence of a website. The days of simply making a site’s content stronger are long gone. There is no need to write a moving article when no one will ever find it unless they type in a specific keyword.

Simply Social

Search Marketing Integration incorporates more social networking and Web 2.0 activity. Search engines are now present for the individual social sites in addition to the main search engines we consumers use every day.

  • Content Concerns Where content is concerned, engaging material is no longer all it takes to get your business not only approved by those pesky algorithm spiders, but also positively affecting your ranking. Content needs to have engaged to the point of actual social activity.
    • How does your content look throughout the various social platforms?
    • Are there numerous meaningful up-to-date posts?
    • Does your company or organization have a Business page?


  • Search Success The search engines view Social Signals as how the online community reacts to the information present on your website or via your business social media accounts. How many ‘shares’ or ‘Likes’ says a lot about the quality and validity of your content and overall online presence. Incorporating practices like:
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Rapid responses to comments and reviews on your content and posts
    • Analyze the branding by association done by others. i.e. Retweets, Shares, re-pins…


  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Get back what you put in. Studies show that the use of marketing on the actual search engines can be significantly beneficial. Campaigns that involve the use of these tactics improve traffic USUALLY.
    • Pay Per Click (PPC)
    • Paid Searches
    • Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
    • Cost Per Clicks (CPC)


  • Organic Marketing Don’t forget the importance of traditional marketing practices. These standard operating procedures will positively affect your digital presence in a multifaceted way. Like they say: There’s no school like the old school!
    • Public Relations (Interviews & Press Releases…)
    • Hardcopy & Physical Advertising Campaigns
    • Word of Mouth (which crosses you back over into SMI)


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