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Is Your Business Email Secure?

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How do you pick an email provider? In some cases, it’s whatever is most accessible and quick to setup, but if you could provide your own email, you wouldn’t ever have to rely on another email provider. Business Email often has some of the most sensitive information pertaining to business transactions, identities, personal information and customer security. You probably have all kinds of information stored in your email accounts like passwords, business plans, financial data and human resource information for your employees. If this information doesn’t remain private, how much will your business suffer? If you can’t risk even a second of your private business email information getting out, then becoming your own email provide is imperative. You can also prevent spam, email viruses and advertisements by privatizing your email into a solution that works for your business.

You can reduce your security holes with business email hosting from Virtual Stacks. We provide a secure email hosting service that allows you to review your data stream and make sure that your business email is secure. Our email provides protection against malicious malware, spam, advertisements and other security holes that you may be vulnerable to with free email providers like Gmail or Yahoo. Take a look at some of the features of a secure email hosting solution.

Powerful Data center

Our email hosting is backed by fully redundant servers in secure locations that will never go down in the event of a natural disaster. We will always be able to support your email so that your flow is never interrupted. All of our data center locations are secure, clean and climate controlled. Our business depends on the strength of our serves, and we can guarantee their availability 100 percent of the time for your business, too.

Critical Email Retention

Email archiving is the easiest way to save and retain highly sensitive and important business emails. When you need to save essential information and conversations, you can do so within our easy-to-use archiving system. You can store as many emails as you need with our email hosting solutions. It’s easy to access all of your emails in one place and find that email that you need for an important meeting or report.

No Advertising Ever

Aren’t you tired of being spammed with advertisements everywhere in your inbox? Most of the free email providers are guilty of providing free “email” as long as you’re okay with overt and obnoxious advertisements that are even placed in your inbox to look like real emails. If you want to avoid advertising anywhere in your inbox and make your business email totally secure, you can do so with Virtual Stacks’ email hosting plans.

File Storage

You can easily store all of your files and create documents within your own email as well. You can save sensitive information and never have to worry about where that information is being stored or who is able to access it. As your own email provider, only you have access.

Lots of Features

There are tons of extras in addition to traditional email. You can set up a calendar, organize contacts, create task lists, read RSS feeds and reports. You can also chat with everyone you work with and open hangouts to keep up your communication on projects. It’s incredibly easy to integrate and will make you wonder why you ever went with a free email provider.

If you need business email, you should never settle for an email solution that doesn’t give you everything you need. Virtual Stacks offers several email hosting plans so you can always stay under budget while getting everything you need in an email hosting solution.

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