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How To Write With The Business Blogging Big Guns

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If you enjoy surfing the wide world of blogs, then you probably have some favorites. What sets these business writers apart from the rest? What does their content do for you that others do not? Studies show that humans read approximately 3,000 or more words per day on average, and that number rises when you add an enthusiasm for reading online. There is no such thing as a perfect blog; everyone has different tastes and opinions. There are a few business blog writing strategies that will make your posts readable and engaging to keep readers entertained and looking for new content.


  • Who’s the Who You’re Writing to? It is important to keep your audience in mind, but more specifically to write to your target audience. With business owners, approach your posting with the topics and tones that they can relate to as well as find value in your content. When writing to engage other writers, consider what would hold your interest.
    Also, make sure you know your own strategic reasoning behind your post. What is your content marketing strategy? For instance, are you seeking brand awareness or using more sale-driven content? Or perhaps you are simply creating “chatter” to stay relevant and on their minds as a valuable source of insight.


  • Title Worth 1000 words Make it click worthy. When drafting our working titles, often times we have been programmed to create an all-encompassing one liner. Avoiding more wordy sum-ups while opting for strong headlines or titles can be like escaping quicksand. In business content writing, you should consider the bifold personas; your marketing and the buyer’s ideal. Your ideal is to create intrigue and offer what the consumer will want based on researching their purchasing persona. Draw upon your audience’s intrigue and make it visually attractive!


  • Blog Small… Blog Often Repetition. Know it, love it, use it! Allow your business’ voice to be heard over and over by spanning the various topics your target audience frequents. Every marketer, promoter, designer and writer knows the value and strength behind the art of effective repetition. The days of lengthy lecture style content are numbered, and should be non-existent in the blog universe. Be succinct but accurate and continue to get your voice heard and appreciated.


  • Sharing is Caring Blog posts that lead to other blogs, related articles or websites receive the most traffic. The benefits of Web 2.0 interaction on marketing strategies are exponential. Your presence on social media sites also makes up a large part of your blog’s (and company’s) visibility. Embed links to connect your readers to other aspects of your online presence. You can even consider connecting B2B with another business’ articles to enhance your own blog’s digital imprint.


  • Comment on the Comments Passionate readers love to leave comments and reviews when they find something that peaks their interest. Stay on top of your comments sections and be prompt and active when answering questions or offering your appreciation. This is also a great plateau to learn what is important and trending among the audience you want to continue to reach. Remember to be engaging and professional.


  • Analyze Blog Performance Don’t bother to write a business blog post unless you plan to appraise its performance. Analyze the metrics of your business blog to maximize the profitability of your business.


Be sure to:

  1. Assess the number of visits your post receives as well as how many found it relevant enough to become subscribers or read another
  2. Use keyword based visits to peg who is looking for content on your topic.
  3. Recognize potential leads and determine if your post is bringing in a sufficient amount of them. If not, rethink your posting strategy.
  4. Keep track of how other sites and blogs view your site and whether or not they incorporate links to your site within theirs. This shows the strength in your digital imprint and will even broaden your audience.
  5. Don’t forget to track social media traffic to and from your blog.

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