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loud Storage has moved well past being the new thing on the block. Over the years, it has evolved into something mainstream and dependable. It has become a new staple that everyone and every business are looking to get into. MEGAeBin is the place to start! 

MEGAeBin offers cloud storage for files and folders that are accessible anywhere, anytime, on any apps/devices. Who wants to deal with the hassle of filing papers, and email attachments that have a limit on what you can send with limited options? Who wants to be told “your file is too large to upload or share?” With today’s ever changing society and advancement of technology, file storing and sharing has never been more stress-free and reliable with the help of MEGAeBin, storage at your fingertips.

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MEGAeBin users can easily retrieve data by logging on to their accounts and downloading their uploaded content onto their devices. Our users have the option of allowing their accounts to automatically update whenever a user goes online with their devices, or do it manually.


MEGAeBin is reliable and offers worry-free security. With an automated data back up system, enhanced recovery and better business continuity, you can get the most out of cloud storage with MEGAeBin.


MEGAeBin believes in having access to information at your fingertips, that's where the phrase 'Any app. Any device. Anywhere' comes into play. Have access to your files, folders and important information, whenever and wherever you want, in any format, on any app, whether from a desktop, the web or mobile device.


Create a free account with MEGAeBin, and get 20 GB of free storage with the option to upgrade anytime to even more storage.

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Why choose MEGAeBin?

There are many benefits to using MEGAeBin and becoming a part of the Virtual Stacks family. What we offer each and every customers is a product that speaks for itself. The convenience, accessibility, reliability, increased security and increase in mobility are just a few of the benefits of using MEGAeBin Cloud Storage. The ability to access your files from anywhere on any device – whether phone, tablet or computer – is one of the greatest, most efficient benefits of cloud storage. Every day the cloud is visited by businesses, students and busy customers in today’s society, where technology is ever evolving and changing our outlook on things and the future.


MEGAeBin for businesses

Want more from your business? Try MEGAeBin. It allows you to work and share files, folders even collaborate with others from anywhere on any device. It also protects your data and increases productivity.

MEGAeBin offers online storage that is safe and secure for files, photos, and video sharing. It’s a great way to increase productivity on the job, it allows team members to sync and share data from all devices, which make it easier to work together from anywhere at any time. MEGAeBin for business makes work accessible and interesting, eliminating the hassle of losing important documents, forgetting to bring a folder to work, and ending the issue of missing data during a meeting. Cloud storage helps house and hold training sessions, support tickets and tracking, and curbs time loss.

We strive to maintain an environment for secure data and company information. In fact, safeguarding your business data is our top priority. Maintaining control can be very difficult at times, especially when using several disparate solutions. That’s why choosing MEGAeBin can be a great benefit to you and your business.