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hether you are a new startup or already have several hundred employees, eZnet CRM can help you accelerate your business success.

eZnet CRM has everything you need from a Customer Relationship Management software and more, including unlimited space to store your most important documents. This is not the everyday CRM, and because it’s in the cloud you never have to worry about losing them. Accessing stored information from anywhere minimizes the concern of utilizing external storage devices that may malfunction over time. Cloud storage provides the elasticity of resources without paying premium prices.

We conduct nightly backups so there are no interruptions in your daily workflow. Our global cloud servers will guarantee 99.99% uptime and our support center is available 24/7 via email, chat or ticket. The eZnet CRM website offers secure payment methods specifically designed to encrypt and protect your personal information.

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eZnet CRM gives you the power to forecast profitable ventures based on past and recurring data by generating comprehensible reports. This makes it easy to strategize future marketing campaigns and minimize uncalculated risks.


Use your analytical reports tools to identify prospective and existing opportunities and launch campaigns targeting the right customers. Gather inventory items to create consistent and accurate quotes.


The software pays for itself, the Return of Investment (ROI) for eZnet CRM is extremely high because we are reasonably priced compared to other CRMs on the market to accommodate small business budgets. Reduces the cost of administration and boost productivity; your staff will accomplish more in their workday.


The Customer and Ticket modules combine to give your business the professional structure it deserves. It enables you to pinpoint issues and take corrective action promptly. eZnet CRM streamlines your communication process within and outside your organization.

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About eZnet CRM

eZnet CRM is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management system that provides an unparalleled feature set which promises to deliver seamless integration with your current business model. Our CRM is ranked one of the top cloud-based systems in its class. Commercial access to the system requires purchase of the full version of the product, however with eZnet CRM, a 30-day trial version is offered. We are confident that after your trial of eZnet CRM, you will be impressed and consider it an invaluable tool for all of your business needs.


Improve Customer Relations

The need to effectively manage sales processes and customer relationships has occurred because consumer behaviors have evolved in the past 5 years.

eZnet CRM will usher your business into a new wave of technology that will blow your competitors away while flawlessly handling customer issues in a timely manner. eZnet CRM works by gathering consumer data (leads) and analyzing the information to recognize market conditions. Provides a seamless way to interact with customers on an advanced level by incorporating real-time support in the Ticket feature. Customers will notice your mutual efforts immediately.


Flexible Integration

It incorporates your current business model and improves the processes you already have in place. The fully customizable and scalabilty solution also allows the software to evolve with your business.

The dashboard is your control panel and is the main component for the entire CRM. It provides an easy navigation for the end-user with intuitive interface and is compatible with all modern internet browsers. Create your own CRM and upload logos, locations/branches, time zones, etc.
Modify the dashboard to suit the needs of your business; append and remove functions that only pertains to your business.


Outstanding Reliability

Discover the limitless possibilities. Cloud computing is the future. Prioritize your customer support structure seamlessly. Accessing stored information from anywhere minimizes the concern of utilizing external storage devices that may malfunction over time. Cloud storage provides the elasticity of resources without paying premium prices.


Portable Business Solutions

eZnet CRM mobile applications are available for all subscriptions, specifically for the busy executive. Never be out of reach with information while traveling. Have access to current information with fast deployment and assist in reducing customer tension. The app is an invaluable tool that delivers accuracy and user-friendly interface, compatible with both Android™ and Apple® mobile devices.