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Fast, convenient and secure cloud hosting

We’ve created an incredible way to bring your business up to speed and ensure that you can easily and efficiently manage all of your IT and file storage needs with multiple cloud hosting options. With fully redundant datacenters, you can rest assured that your data is completely safe.  You can customize your security levels and store customer-sensitive information in a completely secure private cloud. See all the features available with our cloud builder.

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customizable cloud hosting

Build It Your Way

Can’t find a cloud option that best suits what you are looking for? Let’s build one with your choice of custom hosting packages that provides only what you ask for. Your budget will love the taste of that! Virtual Stacks introduces an option for every budget. Customize your cloud solution to encompass your business along with any developing projects.

Build your very own resource-rich application or an entire corporate site with one of our public cloud hosting packages. You have free reign to manage all of your applications easily from powerful control APIs. Let your cloud instantaneously host your

• Apps

• Files

• Backups


Resource Cost Management

High performance is an easy promise for us to make because we are so used to providing it every day. What makes the promise even sweeter is the pledge to keep your costs down and as affordable as possible. Using cloud-based software or cloud hosted solutions cuts resource deprivation exponentially.  

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Benefits Of The Cloud

Cloud Hosting empowers not just your website but your entire business. The level of connectivity, security, customization, and reliability are high quality and useful beyond compare. The accessibility is off the charts as you can go anywhere and still access your data, applications and projects from multiple devices thanks to Virtual Stacks cloud hosting solutions.


Completely Adaptive Disaster Recovery

You need a fast cloud server that is built on powerful machines and provides the bandwidth you need. It’s that simple. We back it up, we update it with perfections you like to see, we protect it against the negative elements of the digital world, and above all else, we protect your business. We’re ready to help you create the best virtual environment for your business. Are you ready?  

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Start building in the cloud 

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