Web Hosting Installation

Web Hosting Installation

Getting Started

1. Click “Login” on VirtualStacks.com.
Login to your Virtual Stacks account. This is the same account that you set up when you first purchased hosting from Virtual Stacks. We send you an email when you register, but you can always request your username and password if you forget.

Once you log in, you are taking to the main page which shows all of your service details and products that you have purchased and begin the rest of your web hosting installation.

2. Click on “Service Management” under web hosting.
Each website you have hosted with us is shown under All or Active. Click on the gear on the right to access your domain management area. Click on “Service Management.”

3. Click on “Service Details
Here you can see all of the details associated with your domain including its status, registration date, payment amount, due date and billing cycle. In this same window, you can also reset your password, check out your login details, see disk and bandwidth usage, access control panel, access WebMail, install WordPress, look at new direct link or request a cancellation.

For this tutorial, we are going to set up our site with control panel or cPanel.

4. Click on “Access Control Panel” on the left
Click on the button on the right to access control panel. After cPanel loads, you can set up everything that you need to get your site online. There is even a “Getting Started Wizard” if you need help. The first thing you should set up is email.

5. Click on “Email Accounts.”
Now you can enter credentials for your email and password associated with your site. Once you have set up your email accounts, you can go back to cPanel and click on “Webmail” to access your email. In Mail, there are a variety of functions. You can set up spam protection, email forwarding, auto responses, mailing lists and account level filtering.

6. Set Up Backup and FTP
You can access the backup wizard and FTP through cPanel under “Files.” Click on “FTP Accounts” to set up your FTP. Enter your login name, password, directory and click “Create FTP Account.”

7. Pick your security options
Virtual Stacks allows you to set up various security measures in cPanel. You can choose password protect directories, IP deny manager, SSL/TLS management, SSH/Shell access, hot link protection, leech protect and create GnuPG keys. You also have access to an advanced virus scanner that can search your site for malware.

8. Install databases
All accounts have a default database installed, but you can also set up your own MySQL database using the wizard in cPanel. There’s also Remote MySQL and phpMyAdmin.

9. Other Options
You can also access various domains, software and services from cPanel. If you purchased packages that allow for parked domains and addon domains, you can set those up in cPanel as well. If you want to use Perl modules, you can also set up that software and others through cPanel.

How to Set Up WordPress
If you want to set up your WordPress site quickly, you just go to the Virtual Stacks client area.
1. Log in to your Virtual Stacks account here. You can also login from the home page by clicking “Login” at the top right.
2. Click on “Service Management” under the site name that you want to set up WordPress for.
3. Click on the gear to the right of the domain or click on the name of your hosting package such as “Standard Hosting.” This takes you to the services management page.
4. Find “WordPress” on the left and click on “New Installation.” Now enter the details that you want to use to set up your WordPress. By default, it’s www.yoursite.com. Click “Install” when you’re ready and we will begin installing your WordPress database. It will let you know when it’s finished.
You are ready to begin creating and building your WordPress site.