What Is A Cloud ERP System? | Virtual Stacks Systems
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What Is A Cloud ERP System?

eZnet ERP For Integrated Business Operations

eZnet ERP is a full suite of cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning software that combines Customer Relationship Management (CRM), ecommerce, accounting/finance and live chat ability hosted on one seamless platform.


This set of solutions is designed to help businesses manage employees, vendors and partner relationships. It can be used to record customer data and improve customer interaction, as well as to automate sales, marketing and customer support. It also provides comprehensive tracking of expenses, inventory and invoices. Information only has to be entered once and in one location, reducing the chance of errors and allowing everyone to work with the same data.


eZnet ERP allows organizations of all sizes to do the following:

  • Integrate processes across business functions
  • Synchronize reporting and automation


This flexible, powerful business tool combines all of your business software applications and services in the cloud – a network of remote servers. Whether you are in sales and gathering leads; an analyst extracting information to better understand market and consumer requirements; in finance studying Profit and Loss; or with support and assisting on live chat – you will have immediate access to your data anywhere you can use your wireless device.


Not only does this cloud-based solution make implementing and managing eZnet ERP easier, it also makes it more affordable. Even a start-up can have the same capabilities as a global enterprise. Because eZnet is scalable, it can grow with your business.


Your organization’s security is of the utmost importance to us. eZnet stays constantly updated on the latest security and encryption technologies to keep your valuable data safe.


Trial Offer

Commercial access usually requires purchase of the full version of the product. However, we offer a free 30-day trial version of eZnet ERP, so you can try it out first. We’re sure that after your trial, you will see the advantages this powerful tool provides to address all of your business needs.

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