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What Is A Cloud Based CRM System?

eZnet CRM Can Help You Accelerate Your Business Success

eZnet CRM is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management system that provides an unparalleled feature set designed to deliver seamless integration with your current business model.


What is CRM Software?

Changes in consumer behavior have created a necessity for companies to automate services and personalize communication with customers. This is primarily based on having a system in place to effectively manage the sales processes and customer relationship. The mission is to capture vital data about customers, such as purchase history and revenue generated to take advantage of up-selling/cross-selling opportunities – and create orders and sales quotes. However, the greatest need of every company is to have a 360° view of the business. This is the reason CRM solutions have gained popularity among businesses of all sizes, in every industry.


eZnet CRM is a category of enterprise software that covers a broad set of applications to help businesses manage employees, vendors and partner relationships. It can also be used to manage customer data, customer interaction, automate sales, marketing and customer support.


How does CRM Work?

eZnet CRM works by gathering leads or consumer data and analyzing the information to understand market and consumer requirements. It also adjusts marketing campaigns accordingly to increase sales.


The system also serves as a customer service and support to help improve satisfaction. The CRM workflow consists of initiating marketing, processing sales, scheduling orders and providing support.



How to Evaluate CRM Software?

There are various factors to consider when evaluating which CRM to purchase. First, it is important to consider the return on investment – will the product help generate revenue?

Second is the learning curve – is it user-friendly?

Third, it should be easy to customize – does it accommodate changing business models?

Finally, how much support does the vendor offer for the product?


How to Buy CRM Software?

When purchasing a CRM solution, it is important to identify your business needs, as well as  to understand what is involved in implementing it in your company. Start by defining your requirements. Pay special attention when researching vendors and compare each product for features, benefits and compatibility with the requirements of your company. Once you have identified your CRM objectives and made a shortlist of vendors, the next step is to examine pricing plans. If a vendor offers a functional demo version, you can try each before committing to the fully licensed product.


Take Advantage Of Our Trial Offer

eZnet CRM wants you to experience the advantages and competitive benefits of our solution. Commercial access to the system requires purchase of the full version of the product. However, we offer a free 30-day trial version. We are confident that after your trial period, you will be impressed and consider eZnet CRM an indispensable tool for all of your business needs. Give us try, and see the results.

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