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Marketing automation is essential to attracting and cultivating qualified leads.

As covered in our previous blog post, marketing automation is comprised of a variety of resources to more effectively market on multiple channels and automate repetitive tasks to  nurture prospects with personalized, useful content that helps convert prospects to customers and retain them. Now, as promised, we’re taking a look at tools that make managing your social media scheduling, postings, campaigns and analytics easier.

The Benefits

As succinctly stated by entrepreneur and writer John Rampton for Mashable, the advantages of social media management automation software and apps is that they all allow you to schedule social media posts for different social media platforms in advance and monitor your accounts when someone mentions your brand or leaves a comment.

“While having a social media marketing strategy is a necessity,” says Rampton, “it can become extremely time consuming. Between updating your profile, responding to customers, coming up with content and sharing content, managing your social media accounts can become a full-time job.” For business owners – as well as digital marketing agencies in behalf of clients – who are looking to connect with customers, influencers and even potential investors through social media, management tools are essential.

A big advantage for businesses that have more than one person writing social media posts is the collaborative capability of social media management solutions. Multiple users can schedule posts, allowing greater efficiency. Some solutions incorporate a publishing calendar to help you visualise or better plan a posting schedule.

However, knowing your target demographic is extremely important. Unless your content and information target the right people, you won’t receive the traffic to show for it. This comes back to a fact that bears repeating ‒  content marketing can not succeed without quality content and SEOThe best content is credible, relevant and will last longer than a week. Although regularly achieving such a high standard can be difficult, as long as you are reaching for it, you’re on the right track.

Getting the Big Picture and Extending Your Reach

 The cherry on top of social media automation is real-time analytics and performance data. You can measure engagement results to continually alter and improve your strategies. Progress requires constant evolving to stay ahead of trends and cater to the preferences and interests of your target demographic. Users can boost their relevance by utilizing automation software features to search for influencers and curate content. Some of the best content is that which is already written. Chances are if you find relevant content worth hunting down, so will a number of your viewers. It is for this same reason that social media influencers can lead to significant conversion rates.

Once your brand has reached the right audience and is proving to be well-received, social media automation can help you (or your client) retain customers through reinforcing brand loyalty. All of these actions can be completed in the software as well, reducing the time it takes to directly engage with traffic. This is accomplished by composing personal messages to make a brand more inviting. It also builds your credibility as a trustworthy and reliable business, hopefully providing you with impressive reviews. Automated content can be beneficial for highly trafficked sites, but unless it is quickly followed up with a personable response, it will not assist in building strong customer to business relationships.

Costs vary among social media automation solutions. As budget is usually a major factor, do your research, and be sure to compare features to avoid paying for bells and whistles you don’t need. For a comprehensive breakdown, take a look at the 11 Best Social Media Automation Tools to Use in 2018, by Pankaj Narang for Jeff Bullas.

The Tools to Succeed

Here are some of our favorite social media automation solutions that will make your goals easier to achieve.

Each brings a different specialty to the table that may best address the primary needs of your social media strategy and long-term goals.

 • HootSuite  - A household name for most marketing professionals, HootSuite encompases end-to-end social media automation. Beyond channel-agnosticism and live brand monitoring, HootSuite includes SEO and personalized lead management. While favored for being user-friendly, it also provides in-depth analytics for seasoned marketers.


 • Sprout Social - Featuring smooth collaboration and engagement capabilities, Sprout is ideal for CRM. The software is concise, such as single-steam messaging and a shared content calendar, and is accessible from any device, anywhere. Its well-renowned analytics also include an impressive reporting suite that is presentation-ready.


 • Agorapulse - Self-described as “simple and affordable,” Agorapulse is a triple threat. The software features include team collaboration, scheduling and performance tracking, to name but a few. Agorapulse also offers some tools for free, such as Facebook Barometer and Twitter Report Card.


 •  Buffer - Prominent for its “comprehensive analytics,” Buffer users can keep an eye on how their marketing strategy is performing to make the rapid changes necessary to succeed. Direct content is their forte, with seamless scheduling and browser extensions for work on-the-go.

Virtual Stacks Systems stays on the forefront of social media trends, employing the most advanced strategies and effective tools to set you ahead of the competition. We offer several social media management plans to ensure you only pay for the services that will benefit your business. Contact us with any questions, and learn how we can take your social media presence to the next level.

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Yelp Updates Are Coming: Get Your Business Pages Ready!

Yelp Changes: Get Your Business Ready

A robust presence on Yelp is essential for your business for a number of reasons. Good reviews from Yelp users can help your SEO strategy by driving more local traffic to your website and business. Yelp users like to see a business that is quick to respond to costumer concerns and broadcasts that they care about fixing any aspect of a negative experience. Yelp will soon be rolling out more changes to their platform, and businesses will need to be ready to have even more of a social presence on the site.

No more review requests

Yelp will be strictly enforcing its policies against soliciting positive reviews from customers in exchange for goods or compensation. The Yelp terms and services prohibit getting reviews in a way that is not organic (similar to Youtube’s rules against telling visitors directly to click on ads). Instead of trying to bribe costumers for good reviews, businesses need to curate positive responses on Yelp through a standard of high-quality customer service.

Yelp Followers will be available for all to see...

Currently on Yelp “followers” of a particular brand are invisible and anonymous. Users can see updates on businesses they follow, but no one can see what businesses they are following. Yelp has recently announced this will be changing. On November 28th Yelp follower lists will be visible to all. This is the perfect opportunities for businesses use their follows as a way to grow their brand.

Updates to Facebook Local Will Rival Yelp

Facebook already always had a review presence, but they have recently moved to compete directly with Yelp. The newest Facebook product launch is actually a relaunch of Facebook Local. The original Facebook Local app acted as a curator of events in your area. The relaunch still curates events, but it will instead give a greater focus on Yelp-style reviews and recommendations. If the app takes off Yelp will have a healthy competitor, and businesses will need to strategize for yet another platform. Just like with Yelp and with the current system of Facebook page reviews on their main website, be responsive and attentive to review responses.

Having a landing page ready to go

Yelp traffic will likely bring people to your website. You will need a landing page that clearly expresses your product or service’s mission statement, with a call to action that drives people to purchase products, sign up for a newsletter, download files, and so on. This will be the first thing customers see when they click your website from Yelp so make it pop! Yelp Changes: Get Your Business Ready, Local SEO, Yelp marketing, Digital marketing, SEO Company

Virtual Stacks Systems can build you a winning landing page. Virtual Stacks Systems can also assist you with gaining organic web traffic through SEO services, and assist you in all of your digital marketing needs.

While we're on the subject, if we helped you launch a new website or digital marketing campaign... head on over to our Yelp page and leave a review 🙂



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7 Video Marketing Tips from the Experts

7 Video Marketing Tips from the Experts

How to Measure Your Success Without Relying on Views

Video marketing only continues to grow over time. With platforms giving preference to video content, everyone wants to get in on the video-first game.

Because of this, tools like Promo and Animoto are gaining a lot of attention, thanks to the ease of access and affordability. But how do you know if the video marketing tips you follow are actually working?

Video metrics are a bit more nuanced than social media or SEO data, and thus, need a closer look to measure any sort of real results.

As this form of content marketing is continuously developing, not everyone measures success the same way. We reached out to business owners, internet marketing company professionals and video experts to see how the pros are measuring their video marketing.

Here are the tips we gathered that will help make your next video marketing campaign a success:

Tip #1- Measuring Views Alone is Not Enough

“Facebook counts a view for anything more than three seconds. You can accidentally watch a video on Facebook while scrolling through your news feed, 100% unintentional. The data we recommend people to look at for Facebook video is “how long do people actually view your video” We see that people, on average, view our client’s videos about 15 seconds” –James Harper of GoEdison

Unlike a click or an impression, a view can be a bit deceiving when it comes to the numbers. How many times have you opened a video by accident, only to stop it as soon as you hear noise? What about when the video wasn’t what you thought it was?

Click. Out. Goodbye!

Yet, if you watched only a few seconds of the video, some platforms consider it a view. Even if no meaningful content was delivered. In order to identify how your video marketing is really working, you need to dig further into the metrics.

Tip #2- Make it Tempting

“Scarcity improves conversions.”- Drew Cerullo, CEO, Better Profit Growth “Without a call-to-action it’s hard to measure ROI.”

Imagine you only have 15 seconds to convince someone to buy something. It takes some strong selling skills to do so. That is unless you are in a “sell me this pen” situation a la The Wolf of Wall Street. People are on the go, busier than ever. If they take the time to click on your video, there better be an incentive. A reward, so to speak, for doing so. Consider offering an exclusive discount, trial, or another incentive via a call-to-action within the video. The idea is to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity for taking the time to press play.

Tip #3- Know The Results You Want

“Many companies fail to strategize and set goals before deploying marketing tactics […] Yes, data is everything, but it doesn’t mean everyone is using it adequately.” Julia Angelen Joy- PR and Social Media Consultant.

If you’re only measuring views and likes, you’re missing out on a whole lot of information. You may be confused as to why wondering such a high response is yielding so few conversions. Before beginning a video marketing campaign, take the time to strategize.

This customer profile from Single Grain highlights an example buyer persona.

video marketing tips

Create a path that you want your potential customer to take. Have at least an idea of that customer’s profile. Know what you aim to achieve through your video marketing. Do not bother doing it JUST to keep up with the competition. Like a major film would never shoot without a script, never make a video without a plan.

Tip #4- Focus on the Right Platform

“The biggest shift has been that every social media channel is forcing creators to be native to their platform and each platform is a little different […] We all have to continue to keep up with these channels that are updating at the speed of light and more and more want customers to stay on their own platforms.” – Aaron Norris MBA at The Norris Group

If a platform has video capability, does not mean you NEED to add video to it. Hone in on the platforms on which you have already built an audience. Otherwise, you may find yourself needing to make five or more variations of the same content for each different platform. Instead, choose 2-3 that will have the biggest impact for your particular business.

Tip #5- Use Video Marketing as a Supplement

“Video works well within social media as an engagement tool that reels your target consumer into whatever you are promoting in a more fun and interesting way. A great way to integrate video within a social media platform is by cutting down the content from say a 10-minute informational video on one of your products to a shorter 30-second video that is easily digestible for your consumers.” –Tracy Julien, VP of Marketing at Guided Choice

Give ‘em only but a taste of what you’re offering. As mentioned, people are busy. They may stumble their way into your video and only stick around for a little while. Bait the hook with the best pieces of already great content. Perhaps it takes 5+ minutes to really convey the effectiveness of your custom mobile apps or ecommerce hosting. The problem is, especially on social media, very few to no one will sit there and consume it.  Boil this content down to the most important, most exciting points. Make it fun and informative, but most importantly, fast. Be sure to make it easy for a viewer to find more information. If they can’t, well, what’s the point?

Tip #6- Use Video in Advertising

“Each social network actually gives more organic priority to video versus regular image-based content. When you get more organic traction with your video, it’ll perform better from an advertising perspective than just a standard ad.” – Jason Parks, The Media Captain

While a well-designed visual ad campaign has more than enough room to be successful, video tends to stand out from the competition. Think about it, when scrolling through social feeds, you see more ad content than anything else. And unless it’s something particularly striking, or something you’re already looking to buy, chances are, you are going to scroll right past. Luckily, especially on Facebook, you see your feed tend to favor videos over other content. Have you noticed static images uploaded as if they were video? That is an attempt to trick the ranking algorithm. Skip the banner ad and create a 15-second video ad instead.

This Geico ad, designed for digital formats, makes light of the idea that online advertisements need to be short and sweet. The ad performed so well that it was later repurposed on television.

Tip #7- Find Balance Within the Content

“Most viewed and shared videos typically provide both information and entertainment.” David Burrows of theMM. Agency

When you have mere seconds to grab the attention of the viewer, you may have a hard time finding your focus for your content. The good news is that video content is still content marketing. You can apply the same major rule that you apply to blogs, social media, and email campaigns: make it valuable, and with your audience in mind.

No one wants to have sales-y jargon yelled at them for 30 seconds straight. Even short format content should have at least a minimal story arc: present a problem and reveal a solution.  Dare to have a little bit of fun with how you execute your video content. You’ll see a better response to an interesting video than a dry, direct one.

It seems the recipe for video marketing success can be boiled down to strategy, data analysis, and great content. Sound familiar? It should. While it is easy to get entangled in new applications and quick recipes for success, the formula remains the same.

Which of these video marketing tips are you going to add to your strategy?                                                       


Ready to launch a new video marketing campaign? Looking for an integrated marketing strategy that includes web design, Orlando SEO services , and video marketing for your company launch? Virtual Stacks Systems can help you build your marketing strategy from the ground up.

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Market with Personality: B2B Social Media Strategy

Having a business logo is like having a driver’s license. It tells us what you are but it doesn’t tell us who you are as a person. The “who” of your company is cultivated by your marketing team, and usually communicated to your prospects on their Twitter and Instagram feeds.

But wait, is there really a B2B social media strategy for marketing?

If you have to ask that question, you haven't been paying much attention. Ask any marketer what strategies are going to continue their uphill climb and they'll all agree on one: social media! This graphic from Barn Raisers shows just how many B2B companies are seeing ROI from their social media efforts (Hint: It's a lot).

b2b social media strategy

Social media content, native ads and personalized, user-generation posts are helping B2B companies worldwide see billions and billions of dollars in ROI.

What works in 2017? To answer that question, we compiled this list of THE best social media marketing practices for a B2B business.

Here are 7 ways to optimize your B2B social media strategy in 2017:

1. Put your customer first

DocuServe’s LCMS service offers their customers the ability to use their product how they need it. It is literally designed for  the customer’s use.

B2B social media strategy

From the post above, you can see DocuServe is trying to do two things with this simple post: 1. Let their e-learning clients know that they understand how boring creating e-learning content can be and 2. Associate their product with the idea of fun through a gif that also reminds their prospects of a classroom. 

When offering a product, find purpose in it:

  • 1. Why would our customers be loyal to your business?
  • 2. Are we putting their needs first with our product


When you can successfully answer yes to both, you can now market a product worth the attention and worth the purchase. You now have a purpose for your content. All you have to do is start talking about it, open a conversation about it with your content.

2. Maintain a consistent, active presence online

Social media a form of free marketing.

Social media is your gateway to fast access to your targeted audience. You can so easily find community niches of who could benefit from your product.

These people are already in your market, why not utilize them?

You can use them for photos and videos of your product/business. You can have them write a guest blog about your product. You can have them tweet about new updates or advances your products. Their actions can be some of your best reach for engagement.

Understand the platform your business may perform best on and find the people who dominate it. You and social media influencers can co-create your content on social media.

Keep in mind that you do not need to use a platform that does not service your industry. In fact, LinkedIn has a 94% user rate for B2B with 66% effectiveness.

B2B social media strategy

Consider Dell, a leading influencer in technology, uses LinkedIn as a primary social media platform to showcase their accomplishments, interests, and continuing goals. Posts like this one inform other businesses that while Dell can provide world changing technology, it also is simply passionate about it.

3. Leverage the power of industry experts

People trust people who have “made it” in their field. Use this to your advantage. Most likely you have a product that has not reinvented the wheel, but it may certainly be the best wheel on the market.

Many websites exist for job seekers and recruiters. Everyone uses these to find the best professional paring as possible. Glassdoor used this to their advantage. They accumulated interviews and quotes from top-tiered professionals to inspire, educate, and inform the best practices for management, employees, and business opportunities.

b2b social media strategy

Seeing successful business professionals or beginning entrepreneurs like Charles Hudson collaborate with Glassdoor gives it a level of trust and validity for newcomers to not only visit the site but to register and become a member. This is called “executive branding” as it gives customers an insider view a company/industry they want to find work in.

4. Create shareable content

How can your business standout from a field saturated with similar businesses? Creating original and unique content. Original and personal content not only attracts views but it entertains those viewers enough to want to share your content.

Additionally, you need content creative enough to excite a customer to visit your site, understand your purpose, and decide to go into business with you. Booker, a software company designed for marketing B2B, scheduling, and point of sales, managed to capture the intricacy of their software in the simplest form- a dog.

In a sweet, six-second video, we see a dog effortlessly book an appoint for the hair salon through Booker’s services. In fact, they won a content award for a video series featuring the same dog on their Facebook page.

Retaining Customers for Your Small Biz!

One of the most important parts of running a business is retaining your existing customers -- Booker can help you to do this. Here's a fun #TBT video featuring one special (furry) business owner.

Posted by Booker on Thursday, July 28, 2016

Another video of Booker’s booking dog video series is seen here. Repetition is key for branding and Booker does so with the same featured dog. This creates a familiar theme with your B2B social media strategy.

From a marketing stand point, the videos do each of the following:

  • 1. Attracts a viewer with a cute picture of a cute dog.
  • 2. Clearly demonstrates how easy it is to navigate on the Booker platform.
  • 3. Intrigues interest in their product as it demonstrates ease of use for both the business owner and the business’s clients.
  • 4. And finally, it entices a viewer to share the video. More shares are more exposures for Booker.

b2b social media strategy

Coupled with these types of videos, consider taking your brand to conventions other businesses within your industry may attend. Booker did so, with this video in mind, to market to possible partners in the grooming industry. They created dog-friendly, Booker branded, takeaways. They cemented their physical marketing on their Instagram page for their digital audience to see.

5. Create interactive, engaging content

Like your product and business itself, your content has to put your customers first. Content is designed for your customers’ entertainment and education. With that said, while images and videos are aesthetically attractive and will attract views, they can still be passive.

Your B2B social media strategy should include active content that offers opportunities for viewers to take part in. Think quizzes, surveys, or “tests” that subject their personality to a group. For whatever reason, it is human nature to be grouped and this curiosity leads us to quizzes that tell us what kind of macaroni and cheese we are! As wild as that sounds, social posts such as these draw attention to your business.

You want to make their experience with your business’s content different.

b2b social media strategy

Fedex has just launched an interactive way to track your package- by sound. The idea is to be able to hear the various “soundtracks” among its passing locations. Type in your package’s tracking number and listen to its journey!

Additionally, when customers can take part in surveys or commentary within your business, it shows you value their input. After all, without your customers, you don’t have a business

6. Make your content simultaneously relevant and unique

Joining a national or trending conversation opens your customers/viewers up to your involvement and purpose in such matters.

However, it’s suggested you stick to what’s in your field.

b2b social media strategy

eZnetCRM, a cloud-based platform for business operations, utilized recent expansions in the technological field in their social media posts. By hashtagging and sharing posts relevant to those in technology shows off their willingness and desire to know as much about the industry as one of their potential customers.

By adding to a trending conversations and topics, you attract those already interested in your field and therefore, possibly, your business.

7. Always track and measure your progress

Advanced analytics is very important in your marketing. You need to know what’s working and what simply isn’t. Analytics will show you the following:

  • 1. What content is driving the most traffic to your website?
  • 2. What platform receives the most impressions for your business/ industry?
  • 3. Within those platforms what forms of content receive the most attention? Videos, blogs, gifs, Instagram images, Tweets?

Each social media platform (set to a business profile), allows you to see the impressions and engagement your posts are receiving.

b2b social media strategy

Norah by Eartha best smelling dog shampoo provider, developed their Twitter page a little over a month ago (March 2017) but has already accumulated 11,000 impressions per day just based off of their Twitter activity. This means 11,000 people are being exposed to Norah by Earth’s content and the brand itself.

Google Analytics takes this information and organizes how many site visitors were directed from Twitter.

Google Analytics allows you to see which social media platforms convert the most views to your website. Google Analytics breaks down page views, bounce rates, how long the viewer sessions are, and even the demographic of those viewers.

Additionally, Google Analytics allows you to discover which keywords will best promote traffic to your site. You should use these keywords in your web copy as well as content posts like blogs and images.

Having all these components will only boost your presence online, which boosts your overall SEO (search Engine Optimization). Having powerful content paired with Google Analytic tools, your B2B social media strategy should fall into place. You have a business, you have a personality, combine the two and get started!

Whether you are course management system provider, a Sanford leak detection expert, or a DPC doctor, leveraging your social media presence is a great way to generate more leads, new customers and the kind of customers you want to do business with (which is the most important thing).

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Click, Comment, and Cash-In: 6 Tips for Marketing with Social Media

6 Social Media Marketing Tips for 2017

Don’t lie. Every now and then at your desk you turn to Snapchat and caption a dog filtered version of yourself “#WorkinLikeADog”…or hopefully something less cheesy than that. Why do we feel the need to put on a dog filter at 11:49 am to tell our friends we’re at work? They know we’re at work. Ultimately, you want to be noticed.

Isn’t that is the point of social media? To express yourself, your purpose, and your identity to others on the web. Sounds an awful lot like branding, doesn’t it?

Now, if you’re an employer, know that one in four of your employees spend at least an hour out of the work day on social media. Why not use that to your advantage? In 2017, it is time for every marketing team to develop a solid social media management plan. Without social media, it’s almost as if your company is missing from your industry’s class. Social media wants to “take your attendance” and help you stand out from your competitors online. But you need to raise your hand to get noticed.

With that said, here are some tips for building a stronger social media presence:

1. Get active or remain dormant.

<span ">Inactive social media is just as useful as using one of those vintage shaker belt machines to lose weight. You have to work for your goals. Social media is all about creating a topic and then maintaining the conversation. Posting twice a week to followers you already have (cough, cough, your friends and family) won’t gain you any more new ones. Expand your conversation to other providers in your industry and therefore their followers.

This is why having social media as an integral part of your marketing is necessary. And if that doesn’t convince you, maybe knowing that “74% of companies and 82% of agencies surveyed said that social media is either somewhat or highly integrated into their SEO strategy”. Stay active by posting regularly, commenting on pages of others in your industry, conversing with your followers, and creating content that makes your followers want to share it.

Look how Docuserve, a digital printing company in the corporate training market, uses their Twitter account to build social “partnerships” with companies like PWC and Ryerson University. By connecting with influencers in their field online, they increases their chances of receiving a reciprocal Tweet back.  Meanwhile, they’re sharing valuable content with their current base of followers, which creates a win-win effect!

This is a small skincare business that makes an effort to converse with those who comment on her posts. This helps clarify customer questions, needs, and generally adds to her customer service reputation.







2. Save hundreds of dollars in monthly marketing spend.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are all free to sign up for. For $0, you can send out campaigns, communicate with influencers who could utilize your services, and continue to build on your company’s reputation.

In fact, small businesses that engaged in digital marketing through social media in 2013 saved 40% in promoting their services. What are you going to use that extra cash for? Oh, I don’t know, perhaps bagels in the office on Fridays…just a suggestion.

Use all that money you’ll be saving for bagels on Fridays. Then, post pics of your bagel party to your Facebook and Twitter accounts for a triple win!


3. Solidify your brand. Establish your position at the front of the line.

Much like high school, more friends is more recognition. And much like monopolies, more followers is more power. With social media, you can gain both. Networking on social media can add to your ranking for success in SEO. More followers (and therefore more exposure) will lead to more traffic to your website, more selling your services, and more reviews.

A growing audience will give you higher Cost per Action (CPA)/Cost per Lead (CPL) or how much traffic (clicks) you get on your site from higher interest from offers or engaging content. Additionally, with a follower base, you can create an open dialogue with the people who matter most to your business- your customers. Social media allows direct conversation between and your customer which can lead to generally better customer service.

On Instagram, Wendy’s offered customers an incentive (free frosty) for a visit and purchase at one of their locations. Additionally, they had a charitable call to action to promote visits.

4. Give your social media purpose with content.

Creating social media accounts gives you the means to transport your company but without any background, you’ll be going nowhere fast.  Entice your audience by creating graphics, blogs, or just posts open for commentary.

Creative posts generate buzz which generates sharing content, which leads to some external inbound linking to your website. All you have to do is make your content true, unique, and worth the while of readers! (Simple enough, I know.) Creating content worth liking, commenting, and sharing all contribute to Google’s ranking of your site’s authority.

5. Find your social media spokesperson.

Social media also does half your work for you; you can find your desired demographic by using pages that already attract your kind of people. Fitness? Foodies? Fashion? Industrial? There are niches all over the internet that social media lumps together for you. Utilize this by reaching out to Influencer Marketers that can spread your service to their followers (thus adding to your followers).

Ribshack Foods does a good job of this, Tweeting to foodie influencers with huge social followers, like Rosanna Pansino and publishing round-up blog posts featuring recipes from famous chefs nationwide.

A study found that 90% of its participants would trust a company’s products if it were promoted by someone they’re familiar with. This is your ideal form of advertising exposure. Personally, through Instagram, I have found my new favorite skin care brand that I never would have heard of if it weren’t for several of my favorite (niche) pages promoting it.

6. Speed up your sales and close leads faster.

Social media gives you the freedom of offering limited deals to a huge range of potential customers, such as: “Like this post before midnight to get 50% off your purchase today!” or “ReTweet this post for a free Chipotle burrito this weekend”.

Social media also gives you the freedom of offering downloadable tips for how your customers can use your products. If you’re in the B2B space, for example, you could share something like a “Small Business Owner’s Guide to Saving $1700 or More in Taxes Every Year” or the “Entrepreneur’s Guide to the 4-Hour Workweek”

For those of your in the e-commerce space, you can Tweet or post out a quick “Add to Cart” button underneath a high-res image of a  brand new product your launching.  The goal is to make it that much easier for those customers lying on their couch or scrolling on their phone after a long day of work to buy, buy, buy!

Don’t reprimand your employees for being on social media. Take notes instead. Social media is something that can help put your company’s purpose and identity out for the world to see.

After all, your company isn’t much without consumers to keep it going. If you need aid in developing your own social media accounts, Virtual Stacks can help you build your social media presence and spread your ‘digital net’ online. Our internet marketing packages were designed with you and your business in mind.

Whether you are a plumber in Orlando, a Vampire facial provider, an Orlando tree service or a landscape design specialist, optimizing your web presence is the only way to increase your profits in 2017.

So keep investing in your dog filter-loving employees; they’re onto something.

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Developing a Profitable Web Presence

Developing Websites and Web Presences

A Chair at the Internet Table


Visualize your business’ success. Now visualize that success without an online presence. A lot harder to see isn’t it? That is because in 2016 there is essentially no business that can thrive and grow without some form of web presence. Virtual Stacks Systems specializes in developing digital standing in respective markets. From web hosting to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, a company’s ratings and revenue have nowhere to go but up!

Having at least one online channel that your target market can use to substantiate your organization is vital to staying afloat in these competition heavy times. Whether it is:

  • A website or landing page
  • Social Media Domination
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Existence (via Search Engine Optimization SEO)

Each one of these ways of being globally connected can work independently but they are ABSOLUTELY most effective altogether. Virtual Stacks Systems is a web hosting company that has all the resources necessary, plus a few just to sweeten the pot, to improve the reach of any business. We are also the experts in Orlando SEO Services.

Every business can benefit from any one of the many products or services available with Virtual Stacks. Smaller companies can appreciate the affordable and budget considerate package options. With the eZnet ERP, for instance, streamlining your business’ workflow ensures increased productivity and happier customers! There is no limit to how far a business can go when they have a solid business model that includes a strong digital web presence.

THE Website

The foundation of any strong marketing strategy is a place to send potential customers for more information and credibility. When online, that foundation is a landing page or website. Everything about developing websites, from the memorable domain name to the artistic & modern automation, adds up to catapult someone ahead of competitors.

If web hosting provides a seat on the World Wide Web, then your website is the chair at the table that you can either sit or stand up on & shout ‘We Exist!’!  The stronger the web presence developed, the farther your shouts reach.

Without a website for people to visit, practices like improving Social Media management, SEO and digital marketing, are essentially wasted. With a site to point consumers, browsers and interested parties to, these practices fall into place and work together with the site to push the entire organization forward.

Contact us today to get started on a new website or restructuring the ‘chair’ so you can stand on it and shout with a booming voice!

Whether you are a Lake Mary Family Practice, a roof cleaning contractor or a doctor performing the Vampire Facelift, good quality content is the best way to get more customers through the door.

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