In Case You Missed it, Here Are Some of The Top Facebook Ads of 2017 (So Far)

Remember the days when billboards were king? And you would ask your friends, “Wow, did you see what Nike put up on I-75?”

Now, Facebook and Google PPC advertising beats the billboard game 10 to 1.  But does everyone who slaps an ad on Facebook see ROI? Not by a longshot.

Anything worth doing requires skill, creativity and the right strategy in place. Thankfully, there are some powerful examples you can study to gear up for your next campaign.

So, in case you missed it, here are some of the top performing Facebook ads (so far) from 2017.

1.  Canva

What makes this ad so good?

The ad is fun, simple and, most importantly, a clear representation of what the service offers: clear, crisp graphics. When you sell advertising, sometimes simple is the way to go. Plus, the white background helps the quality of their art stand out more.

2. Soylent

facebook adsWhat makes this ad so good?

Soylent stepped onto the scene earlier this year with a new line of meal replacement drinks. In this case, a simple list of their product benefits and a clear value proposition “Mix Up Your Meals” keeps people from having to figure out what they’re selling.


3. Drip

facebook adsWhat makes this ad so good?

Leadpages knows marketers well. Using images of happy people in a workspace sends a message: our product will make your days easier. You will thank us later. And it worked. (Btw, photos of happy smiling people work on most industries – not just advertising).

4.  New Scientist

facebook adsWhat makes this ad so good?

New Scientist plays on the political atmosphere to position their product as the remedy to the problem of “fake news.” It is bold, captivating and has nearly quadrupled their click-through-rate.


5.  Square

facebook adsWhat makes this ad so good?

SAAS products like Square know they have one job to do: make their customers’ lives easier. So, they make it clear in their ads how easy their product is to use. You can do the same with kitchen products, camping gear, art supplies, sports equipment, beauty products, and the list goes on.

6.  Adidas

facebook adsWhat makes this ad so good?

Sure, they could have used a picture of Pharrell. But they’re not selling Pharrell – Adidas doubles up on this ad by using it to build both brand awareness and excitement over their New York promotion – making their marketing dollars go further with one ad.

7.  Sleeknote

facebook adsWhat makes this ad so good?

This is a great model to follow if you’re a new brand. Make your benefits measurable and quantifiable. 600% more email subscribers says a lot more than just “more subscribers”. While the name Sleeknote is new to many, this ad makes it clear they’re ready to make an impact.

8.  Blue Bottle Coffee

facebook adsWhat makes this ad so good?

Free trials never go out of style. Enough said.





9.  Upwork

facebook adsWhat makes this ad so good?

Upwork is focused on solving their customer’s problems. Their ad headline uses an actionable verb, “End” to nudge people to take a step towards relief.



10.  Cleanly

facebook adsWhat makes this ad so good?

People love knowing their options. This Facebook ad makes it very simple – you can work hard or you can rest. The choice is yours.

Need a little help using these concepts to build your perfect Facebook ad? Give us a call. Our marketing and ad specialists will help you create an ad that has your business’s (and your customer’s) best interests at heart.

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Sell Me This Pen: Lessons on PPC Management from the Wolf on Wall Street

Sell Me This Pen: Lessons on PPC Management from the Wolf on Wall Street

Everyone who has seen even 5 minutes of the film “Wolf of Wall Street” remembers the iconic “Sell me this pen” scene.

Leonardo DiCaprio, as villainous Wall Street tycoon Jordan Belfort, asks a room full of salesmen to step up to the plate by selling him a basic pen.

Some respond with the most obvious benefits: It is a great pen. It writes upside down. It is an “amazing” pen.

But the guy who simply asks Belfort to sign his name is the one who wins. Why? He creates demand and focuses on the most important part of the equation – the CONSUMER – not the PEN.

But the question is, how do you create demand when it is already there? What if the problem isn’t lack of demand but too much competition?

Easy. You package a solution in such an attractive package.

Good PPC Example, Wolf of Wall StreetReuse, Repurpose, Recycle

The Dilemma: We had 2 days to come up with ad creative for a brand new style of medical practice: direct primary care. With no proof of concept and zero time (or money) for market research, we had to get to work developing a PPC ad campaign that we knew without a shadow of a doubt would get results.

Meanwhile, we noticed a growing trend in the healthcare market. People are tired of being gouged by insurance companies and big medical practices. They want a no-nonsense approach to healthcare. But they do not realize what they want until they see it. So we assumed anyway.

That’s why we positioned our direct primary care practice as a healthcare plan that was designed with the end patient in mind – our slogans “Your Health, Your Way” and “The Way Healthcare Should Be” were born. We wrote original ad copy that mimicked the concept of the big hospital groups’ ads but also matched the unique value proposition (UVP) of our client.

The result?

A 48-hour ad campaign that was time-tested, approved and ready to bring home the bacon!  And, as any PPC manager worth his salt would do, we A/B tested the landing pages and A/B/C/D/E/F/G (You get the idea) tested the PPC ad copy.

Here is a snapshot of the ad copy we used:


And here is the top-performing landing page we created to complement the campaign:


Successful Landing Page Example, Landing Pages, Wolf of Wall Street


Here is the 2nd best-performing landing page we created:


PPC Management, PPC Orlando

Within the first 48 hours, we already saw 3 conversions and counting, all for keywords that get an average of 50 searches per month in our targeted zip code. So, how do you sell something as standard and commonplace as a pen or healthcare? Create a new package or vehicle for that pen (or healthcare plan).

Give people a new way to look at something old-fashioned. And, as every PPC marketer knows, test, test, test and test again.

Happy selling!

About Virtual Stacks Systems:

Virtual Stacks Systems is a cutting-edge internet marketing company based out of Lake Mary, Florida. They are a well-established and reputable web hosting company and ecommerce hosting company. With a wealth of knowledge in integrated marketing solutions, Virtual Stacks prides itself on being a one-stop marketing shop for small business owners across Central Florida. To that end, they also offer affordable cloud storage, Orlando logo design, marketing for printing services, Orlando SEO services and custom mobile apps.

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Budget Your Consumer Niche: 6 Reasons Your Business Needs Google AdWords

Let’s say you bake the world’s greatest chocolate cake and you want to advertise it as such. However, why would you waste your advertising budget on the people who don’t even like chocolate? That is what Google AdWords is for.

Google AdWords protects your business from yourself. It allows you to have exposure without having to pay for the viewers who are not a part of your niche. Interested yet?

What are the Google AdWords Services?

You don’t need to be an advertising genius to create your own AdWords campaign. AdWords is a pay-per-click (PPC) program that gives you the liberty to generate and run your own advertisements. It allows you to buy your own affordable keywords which are in the form of clickable advertisements and appear on the search result page of Google.

For businesses big and small it is all about reaching your target audience at the right time, to be seen when it matters the most. Google’s AdWords helps you do just that and that too with impeccable accuracy.

This is how it works: businesses bid for specific keywords through pay-per-click program. They bid to get their ads displayed on the Google’s paid search result page. When a Google search is performed using those particular keywords, the advertisement is listed on the page on that search result. The best of it all, they are affordable- you are charged only if your advertisement is clicked.

Big businesses invest a lot of time, money and energy on SEO optimization which takes them to the top in the organic search result. Google AdWords creates a level playing field for small businesses so that they can compete with their big brothers in the race to ranking supremacy.

Google AdWords

Why does your business need AdWords Services?

Google AdWords services is a great online marketing platform for driving traffic to your website, and the following statistics prove this beyond a doubt.

As per WordStream, 64% of individuals would click on Google AdWords when they plan to buy a product or services online. Alternatively, paid search listings are clicked two times more than organic results for keywords that have clearer commercial intent.

Here are 7 reasons why you should be using Google AdWords for your online business:

1. Google AdWords is quantifiable.

As an entrepreneur you would definitely like to know what best works for your business. In traditional forms of media like print or television, quantifying your marketing efforts would be a tough task, which is not the case when it comes to online marketing. Though SEO campaigns are difficult to quantify, as it is difficult to exactly gauge what moved your website up or down. But it is pretty straight with Google AdWords or pay-per-click, you can quantify accurately whether it is working for you or not. PPC metrics would tell you whether your marketing plan is on track or not.

2. Google AdWords is flexible.

People using Google AdWords would confirm of its flexibility in no uncertain terms. Irrespective of the kind of products or services you offer, it works just fine for organizations of all sizes. You can use it to your advantage and increase your website’s traffic, as and when required.

It also integrates with other marketing and software platforms with ease. You can analyze your campaign data by downloading it on excel spreadsheets and work on them. You can also target specific online user by customizing your campaign.

Furthermore, you could also focus on individuals based on their geographic locations, or those using various devices, and persons on numerous other websites partnered by Google where its advertisements appear.

It offers flexibility in terms of the amount you would like to invest in the campaign. You can increase or decrease your ad spend on a daily basis - and also the money you plan to invest on particular keywords.

What’s more, it allows you to add all your contact information, phone, address, page links and your previous visit details etc. – just below your advertisement in blue – known as ad extensions, which makes it easier for the customers to connect.

3. Google AdWords is affordable.

Advertising in traditional media is a costly affair. But, with Google AdWords you get an option that is not just affordable, it is effective as well. The best part of AdWords is that you can earmark your daily ad budget for each day. This helps you keep your advertising budget in check, always. But, it is not a rule that cannot be tweaked – it gives you the option of increasing your spend for the day, if you so desire. As the frequency of your ad decreases due to a lower limit, you get the choice to increase your budget and restore your rate. This helps you generate extra leads, as and when you need them – an adaptability quotient that gives you a lot of power.

It always helps you to break your campaign up equally into diverse focus categories like Google search, remarketing, and mobile search.


4. Google AdWords can help generate a lot of top quality traffic.

Google is the most popular search engine and with millions and billions of searches every day it can generate a lot of traffic for your website. All you have to do is decode the mystery of finding the right keyword or keyword phrases for your campaign so that your ad ranks higher when the search is performed on Google.

It is Google’s resolve to display content and advertisements of high relevance whenever you perform a search on its engine. Google’s constantly improving and evolving search engine algorithm ensures that your search results and advertisement are relevant. This has a positive rub-off effect on your ads as well. You therefore get top quality leads who are more likely to become your customers.

5. Google AdWords give you instant results.

It is generally a given fact that your website requires an effective SEO strategy to improve its search engine ranking. But, the result of an effective SEO strategy takes a lot of time to show. Whereas, when you use Google AdWords the results are instant. As soon as your campaign rolls out you start getting results such as visitor data. This not just gets you some money upfront, it can also help you in formulating an effective SEO strategy.

Google AdWords

6. Google AdWords will keep competition at bay.

Once your campaign starts running on the search engine, your website would keep getting more hits from the Google search results than any of your competitors. Moreover, as per Moz, AdWords advertisements are now placed in 80%of search results. If you are not running your AdWords campaign, you are missing out on revenue big time because in all probability your competitor is already using this to propel their interest.

Google AdWords or pay-per-click is one of the most effective form of online advertising, but you have to come up with relevant keywords or keyword phrases to yield perfect result for your business. Creating and generating these keywords or phrases does not come to you by chance, you need experience to hit the nail on the head.

Contact Virtual Stacks Systems for your PPC campaign and see how effective advertising can change the fate of your organization. Whether you are a startup, primary doctor, or an established company we can help you make the most of your AdWords campaign.

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Why Online Ads Are Key to Building ROI

Ads, Fads & Digital Doodads

Any good marketing professional will tell you that you have got to get your company a website. No business can survive and sustain their growth rate without at least a landing page for consumers to be directed to once they hear about you.

Cloud based website development teams like Virtual Stacks Systems devote a rich bank of resources to not only creating excellent websites, but also to making sure those websites get noticed. With a highly trained Search Engine Optimization (SEO) department scouring the internet and flooding it with engaging information, every website is set apart from competitors in a big way!

You may have your own advertising budget and marketing plan in place but how effective they are can be maximized with the incorporation of online advertising techniques.


The use of Google AdWords allows for a website’s pages and advertisements to appear higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Not many searchers will enter keywords or queries into a search engine, like Google, and go directly to page 19. The success of a business’ website, and overall online presence, relies heavily on its positioning on results pages.

AdWords is an auction that determines:

  • Which website ads hold more relevance to a consumer’s inquiry
  • How important and successful specific queries are to specific markets or topics
  • The amount advertising specialists will spend every time the ad is clicked on. This amount is called CPC, Cost per Click.

Keyword Planner

This tool is actually part of the AdWords community. It helps choose, examine, and rate the best keywords, key phrases and overall queries best for SERP placement.

  • The most beneficial asset the Keyword Planner provides is the insight into ideal queries for maximizing Quality Scores for higher ranking ads.
  • The higher a keyword’s Quality Score, the lower the CPC and the better the ad position or Ad Rank.

Webmaster Tools

This collection of analytics tools helps Content Managers and SEO specialists track and monitor the performance of a website. Detailed data is collected and reported revealing how the search engine’s algorithms comb each page of the website.

  • Relevance and validity of the website’s content
  • How many impressions, clicks and overall visits to the website
  • Number and credibility of links directing to and from the website
  • Up-to-date and accurate reading of the health and positioning of the website

Google Analytics

A dashboard that helps you monitor your website’s traffic. The tool works with the other website management tools (listed above plus more!) to help determine the state of the actual site. Google Analytics tells you what comes of the visitors that stop by your website. Helpful information is gathered such as:

  • Possible Leads and Conversions based on why and how long consumers visited any of your website’s pages
  • The demographics of the visitors to the website
  • If it is an E-Commerce platform, any and all metrics related to transactions and inquiries

These tools and practices, plus many more, help build a solid foundation for managing a website’s health and continued growth. We at Virtual Stacks Systems use these and any other strategies you want incorporated to help you increase your market positioning and reap the results your business’ website deserves.

Whether you are a swimming pool leak detection company, primary care clinic, lawn care services provider, or medical weight loss provider, mastering SEO and SEM on the front-end will save you a lot of time and money on the back-end!

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SEO: Going, Going, Not So Gone

SEO: Going, Going, Not So Gone

Finally figured out what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was only to hear that Search Marketing Integration (SMI) is the cool new “in-the-know” marketing tool? Don’t worry, the mastery of the commonly used SEO tactics is not a wasted venture. Rather, SEO knowledge is a great starting place when comprehending the bigger picture that is lately being referred to as Search Marketing Integration.

Out with the Old

‘Out with the old and in with the new’ is what the experts and critics alike say when discussing the rapid rate of change of current online marketing models. Search engines are still scouring the internet for spam, weak content and malicious activity. Yet now there is a greater emphasis on the engagement and social presence of a website. The days of simply making a site’s content stronger are long gone. There is no need to write a moving article when no one will ever find it unless they type in a specific keyword.

Simply Social

Search Marketing Integration incorporates more social networking and Web 2.0 activity. Search engines are now present for the individual social sites in addition to the main search engines we consumers use every day.

  • Content Concerns

    Where content is concerned, engaging material is no longer all it takes to get your business not only approved by those pesky algorithm spiders, but also positively affecting your ranking. Content needs to have engaged to the point of actual social activity.

    • How does your content look throughout the various social platforms?
    • Are there numerous meaningful up-to-date posts?
    • Does your company or organization have a Business page?


  • Search Success

    The search engines view Social Signals as how the online community reacts to the information present on your website or via your business social media accounts. How many ‘shares’ or ‘Likes’ says a lot about the quality and validity of your content and overall online presence. Incorporating practices like:

    • Social Bookmarking
    • Rapid responses to comments and reviews on your content and posts
    • Analyze the branding by association done by others. i.e. Retweets, Shares, re-pins…


  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Get back what you put in. Studies show that the use of marketing on the actual search engines can be significantly beneficial. Campaigns that involve the use of these tactics improve traffic USUALLY.

    • Pay Per Click (PPC)
    • Paid Searches
    • Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
    • Cost Per Clicks (CPC)


  • Organic Marketing

    Don’t forget the importance of traditional marketing practices. These standard operating procedures will positively affect your digital presence in a multifaceted way. Like they say: There’s no school like the old school!

    • Public Relations (Interviews & Press Releases...)
    • Hardcopy & Physical Advertising Campaigns
    • Word of Mouth (which crosses you back over into SMI)


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