Web Hosting Infographic: Secret to Getting Your Site Online For Less

web hosting inforgraphic

One question people continue to ask is, “Am I in the cloud?” Web hosting is a little bit like being in the cloud, and now more than ever, many web hosts are offering unlimited web hosting, cloud storage, easy-to-install applications and lots of storage along for a rather cheap price. With so many features, site builders, hosting options and discounts, many individuals and businesses are creating ecommerce sites with hosting companies that aren’t always the right choice for a customer. Since you can create a site in less than an hour with most web hosts, consumers have to be picky about web hosts and look for features that deliver consistent performance.  It’s not hard nowadays to bring a site online, but small budgets often lead to bad choices that will make it difficult to scale your site later on. Picking the right host isn’t always about the cheapest package either, but affordable prices and lots of features certainly make a host more valuable. Businesses need a high quality web host and an unlimited web hosting plan that can support traffic-hungry sites and provide technical support for common and less common issues. There are also other features that separate one web host from the next. By knowing these different factors, websites easily scale up without having to go through major growing pains.

Simple Tips Crucial to Picking Web Hosts

  • Pick web hosts with several plans and features
  • Don’t choose reseller web hosts
  • Select shared or VPS hosting depending on bandwidth needs and budget
  • Get web hosting with options like:Fast uptime guarantee (99.9%)
    • Site builder
    • cPanel
    • Multiple mySQL databases
    • Dedicated IP address
    • Ecommerce store builder
    • Applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

It’s always important to look for original web hosts that aren’t reselling any hosting from a bigger company, which could lead to major slowdowns and problems with technical support if your site should ever drop. Most original web hosts have their own fully redundant servers with backups so you never have to worry about losing your site or data. Virtual Stacks is its own web host and never resells hosting.

Where to Find Web Hosting Deals

One place to start looking for the right price is through coupons and web hosting reviews. Almost every web host out there has some kind of incentive to get your site online like unlimited web hosting. However, there is a great debate on whether those hosts provide quality hosting along with unlimited web hosting. One thing to be careful of is a reseller. While they may offer cheap packages, it’s difficult to get the same support or uptime guarantee from a reseller. They also may not offer all of the same features with their unlimited web hosting plans or place severe limitations on what you can do with your hosting. A quality web host will provide you with some incentives for signing up, but they also offer a lot of different packages, guarantee 99.9% uptime, have their own servers and backups, and they provide you with cPanel or other means of managing your site easily.

Some great places to find web hosting deals and coupons include:

Look for Unlimited Web Hosting Plans and Play by the Rules

Most web hosts nowadays are offering some type of unlimited web hosting plan. They vary in price and features, but in general, you can get unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth on shared hosting. For VPS, unlimited might be a little different, and you also may want to pay more for a managed VPS.  Virtual Stacks offers cheapest web hosting, and Linux VPS for 50% off. When looking for hosts who provide unlimited web hosting, you should also know what the limitations are. Web hosts can’t allow customers to abuse the system and go over a certain amount of resources, especially with shared hosting plans.

All hosts providing unlimited web hosting have some kind of limits in place to throttle bandwidth. Most of these limitations are placed on inodes, backups, mySQL queries, email sending, disk space usage and concurrent connections per hour.

Unlimited web hosting is a great option for sites that need a lot of storage, bandwidth and backup space. However, it’s not an option for those who want to get involved with spamming, as web hosts will monitor your traffic and throttle your bandwidth if its clear you are abusing the network.

Find Web Hosts with Site Builders and Apps

To make it easier on yourself and build sites quickly, site builders are ideal. Most web hosts are now offering these through cPanel and other webmaster management dashboards. For example, many web hosts already have applications installed so that you can start using a site builder right away. Others let you choose if you want to install site builders and other applications like Joomla or Drupal.

WordPress is a major application that web hosts must include now that it has risen in popularity. Virtual Stacks offers WordPress hosting. Installation is instant, which means you can set up your WordPress site and store in seconds.

Drag and drop site builders are ideal as they offer the most versatility and utility for all of your web design needs even if you don’t know much about web development. You don’t have to know any CSS or coding in order to create a dynamic website.

Always Check for 24/7 Support

When something happens with your website or if you have a question, you don’t know the panic until you can’t reach someone to help you. Technical support from a web host is one of the most valuable aspects of being picky about who hosts your site. When finding a web host, it’s not as simple as “live chat.” You need a company with technical support options like live chat, 24/7 phone support, email and help desk ticket systems. The more ways that you can get in touch with a company, the better chances you have of solving your problems right away.

Discounts That Make You Smile

All web hosts are trying to do something different, but discounts can really save you some money when you find a good web host. You can get updates on discounts by Virtual Stacks Systems through our Facebook and Twitter. Good discounts may chop the price in half for hosting or even give it to you for free. This is just one way that a web host can give back to its customers periodically. If you are constantly receiving discounts, then you can do more with your site.


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