To fill out a form after reviewing these guidelines, please download the PDF IP Address Justification form. Can’t access it? Go to IP Address Justification form.

IP address allowances are actually managed by ARIN, which allots IP resources for North America. There are multiple ARIN policies regarding how you can add IP addresses since the number of available IPv4 addresses has drastically reduced over the years. ARIN’s policies make it so that Virtual Stacks must justify all IP usage. If we don’t provide a good IP usage justification, it prevents us from obtaining new IP address blocks. ARIN can instantly justify the use of an IP address and determine whether or not it will be allocated.


ISPs must have efficiently utilized all precious allocations and at least 80 percent of their most recent allocations in order to receive additional space. When an ISP submits a request for IP address space to be used for IP-based web hosting, it will supply a technical justification for the process.



So that Virtual Stacks can comply with ARIN and to eliminate delays, we ask that our members provide IP usage justifications for each IP address used for their servers particularly for new IPs that they request. Justifications need to be updated in order to accurately allocate IPs.


Follow These Guidelines When Requesting Additional IP Addresses

The first IP is allocated to your server instantly and is justified by the domain name that you mainly use for that server. If there isn’t a domain name on the server, a sub domain can be used as a justification to accurately identify that server. A second IP address can also be requested in order to get named-based hosting that will support multiple web sites if you are hosting them on your server. If you have further  needs for more IP addresses such as for services that you run on your server that require a dedicated IP address, you can get extra IP addresses. One example would be for the use of a SSL certificate or for DNS Server Services.

However, you should remember this rule:

Web hosting “IP-Based” is not a good enough justification to obtain new IP addresses. Web hosting can be done on one IP address. In addition, 80 percent of extra IP addresses must be used within 30 days following attribution.



If you do plan on requesting additional IPs for SSL certificates, proof of purchase is required for each domain. Domain names must also be configured on that server and show the contents of the site for which the certificate has been allotted to.

Before You Ask for Additional IPs

It’s important that you currently use 80 percent of the IPs already assigned to you. You also have to complete IP justification forms for the products that are active in your Virtual Stacks account. All IP addresses must be updated and accurately justified with the domains, sub domains and services that you have in your account.

When you request additional IPs, you also must justify the current use of your IPs and then provide justification for the new IP addresses. If you have customers on your server, then you should also ask them for a justification if they are requesting a new IP address. If you do assign IPs to your customers, they should always provide you with a valid justification and complete an IP justification form with that request so that it is official.

Why Additional IP Address Tickets are Denied

We do our best to consider every situation and provide opportunities for our customers to broaden their services as long as they follow the policies set by ARIN. There are many reasons why justifications are denied. Most of the time, it’s because of one or more of these reasons:


  • Requests for IP addresses used to cheat search engines and engage in Black Hat SEO practices
  • Requests to USE IP addresses to avoid spam detection and blacklists, such as for sending emails under different IP addresses
  • IP-based web hosting. All web hosting must be named-based.
  • All requests for IP addresses that are not in compliance with ARIN standards
  • You can have up to two IP addresses for name servers. Other name servers must point to the IP addresses of your current name servers.


Example of a Good Justification List

You can find the list of IP addresses that you currently purchased with your server in your account dashboard. Follow this example when creating your justification:


IP:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX [Used for YourSite.Net]
IP:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX [DNS server: NS1.YourSite.Net]
IP:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX [DNS server: NS2.YourSite.Net]
IP:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX [SSL Certificate for YourSite.Net] * Provide proof of purchase
IP:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX [Game servers for Slot1.YourSite.Net]
IP:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX [Game servers for Slot2.YourSite.Net]

When you add domains to this list, justifications have to be allotted to the IP addresses that you include. When IP addresses are assigned for a service that requires a dedicated IP address, you must show proof that the service is running on the current server and that the related port is open.


Rules for Resellers

If you are reselling with servers, the rules do not change. However, you do need to ask your customers to provide justification for use of the new IP addresses in the same way that we are asking you. Then, you must fill out the usage justification for each server that you have in your Virtual Stacks account.

Even if you are reserving a server for future use, you must create a sub domain of your main domain name to identify a server. You then need to specify the subdomain that is allocated to that server and use the “New Unallocated Server” as a justifiable IP address reason.

Any servers that are assigned in advance must only use one IP address per server and add IP addresses only as needed such as when a customer would use the server. There should only be one IP address for each server that shows “New Unallocated Server” justification and MAC addresses have to be verified. As servers are assigned to customers, you need to modify the justification so that is valid.


Finally, two rules are always important to remember.

IP addresses must be used at 80 percent within 30 days of their attribution. 

Explain any reasons for justification to your customer so that they provide accurate use of IP address.