IP Address Request and Justification Form


Note: Completion of this form is mandatory when requesting additional IP.

VirtualStacks, LLC follows all policies set by the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) regarding IP address allocation. As part of standard service provided, VirtualStacks, LLC will assign the amount of IP addresses that customers can justify for use on their hosting server(s). Written justification for any additional IP address is required so that we can demonstrate to ARIN that IP addresses allocated to VirtualStacks, LLC are being used efficiently.

IPs may be ONLY allocated for physical/virtual servers and where name-based hosting is not possible due to technological limitations.  IPs may not be allocated whereby not all are used for a valid, ARIN-mandated, purpose.

PLEASE NOTE:  Many providers run out of their IP address space and are unable to get more, if less than 80% of what they are assigned is being used. This is a result of customers requesting additional IP addresses that they do not need, or abuse IPs by using them where name-based hosting should be used instead.  ARIN has been cracking down on this abuse over the last few years. We are a responsible internet citizen and will use and allocate IP addresses only when justified.  If you can justify any number of IP addresses, we will provide them to you.  We will need your justification: explanation of why you need each one, the domain it’s for, and why it can’t use name-based hosting instead.

Please copy and paste this form  complete the form to proceed with your request. If you have any questions about filling out the form, please contact customer support.

Customer’s Official Site: ___________________________________________________

Organization/Company name: ___________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________ State: ______________ Zip: __________

Phone: _____________________________ E-mail:_____________________________


1) Main server IP address where additional IPs will be assigned:



Server Host Name: _______________________________

Note: If more than one domain, use first domain registered.


2) Current IP addresses:

Please state total number of IP addresses presently assigned to server: _____________

Please state total number of IP addresses actively used by a domain(s):_____________

List current IP addresses assigned to this server and indicate how each individual one is presently being utilized and by which domain name:


1. xx.xx.xx.xx – Example.com – reason

2. xx.xx.xx.xx – Example.com – using static IP address for a SSL certificate











•Number of additional IP addresses requested: ______________


Note: If you already have IP address space assigned, you must utilize 80% before applying for more IP address space.


•Please use the space provided below to describe why you strongly believe or are confident you require the number of IP addresses requested.




•Please describe additional IP address Use.


1. xx.xx.xx.xx – Example.com – reason

2. xx.xx.xx.xx – Example.com – using static IP address for a SSL certificate


1. _______________________________________________________________

2. _______________________________________________________________

3. _______________________________________________________________

4. _______________________________________________________________

5. _______________________________________________________________

6. _______________________________________________________________

7. _______________________________________________________________

8. _______________________________________________________________

9. _______________________________________________________________

10. ______________________________________________________________



•Confirmation of request:

I hereby certify that I am authorized to represent the organization named above and that the all the information provided on this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that Internet Protocol Version 4 address space is limited and that users of the Internet are responsible for conserving address space and ensuring that space is utilized efficiently.


Signature: ______________________________

Print Name: _____________________________

Title: __________________________________

Phone number: ___________________________

Email: __________________________________

Fax: ____________________________________


For Internal Use Only:

Customer ID number: _______ Server ID number: ________ Approved: Yes / No