Public Cloud

Run all of your apps and sites right from a powerful cloud.  Whether you want to build a resource-rich application or need an entire corporate site, our public cloud hosting packages allow you to manage all of your applications easily from a control powerful and use APIs.

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Cloud Security

We build clouds to be incredibly secure whether public or private, but the best protection is a private cloud on a dedicated server. You can customize your security levels and store customer-sensitive information in a completely secure private cloud.

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Affordable Options

The best part about the cloud is that it’s meant to save you money. Cloud computing is a flexible, scalable and secure environment to run applications, save data and backup your system. It’s also an important tool for building and collaboration. See more about cloud computing below.

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Virtual Stacks Cloud Computing


The cloud is one of the best places to host your sites and applications because it gives you all of the bandwidth and security that you need without the cost. Now you can work directly from home or collaborate with team members on projects online.


Not every cloud is equal. Our cloud hosting provides you with customized benefits. Get the exact amount of storage and bandwidth that you need for your projects.


We're always here for you. We can provide assistance with all of your cloud setup and integration. It's important to us that you get started correctly and continue to utilize your cloud environments optimally for your business.


The cloud lets you go anywhere that you want to go. Whether it's on a business trip or to a presentation in China, you'll always have access to your data, applications and projects with Virtual Stacks cloud hosting.
why choose virtual stacks for cloud computing

What is Cloud Computing

Take your business storage online and save money.

The “Cloud” has become unavoidable in both the public and private space. There’s clouds for your TV. There’s another for your phone, and there’s all kinds of clouds floating around for businesses and web development. Virtual Stacks offers cloud VPS hosting, which means that we can set up a custom virtual private server specifically to create your own cloud where you have total control.

If you’re concerned about privacy issues or losing data, then having your own takes away a lot of the risks that come along with letting another company set up, manage and secure your cloud for your business.

Simply Put, Cloud Computing is…

  • Not on your local computer
  • Not on your family’s network at home
  • Not a dedicated hardware server kept in your building

It’s virtual. You access your files and programs without needing your computer. You can use your phone, tablet or laptop to run programs or load photos wherever you go. This is only a small part of cloud computing.

Basically, when you access files or open programs online, you are accessing them over the Internet and not your computer hard drive. The cloud is actually just a synonym for the Internet. Cloud computing has nothing to do with your hard drive, however. When you store any data or run programs from your computer, you are using local storage as opposed to cloud storage.

While the tech industry focused on working off of the hard drive for decades, a better solution came along for businesses and technology that used cloud computing or that is, saving data and working directly on the Internet.

With an online connection, anyone can get into cloud computing. However, there are some differences in the types of cloud computing that you can achieve as a consumer or as a business.

Virtual Stacks provides cloud servers that resource-intense small to medium businesses can use to support their sites. You can build a server that has all of the resources you need and grow it or add on to your private server as you need.