How to Choose a great Domain Name for your Website

Let’s discuss the importance of your Domain name. The domain name you choose can be crucial to the success of your online presence, and the beacon to those looking for your services on the web.

From Tech Terms: “A domain name is a unique name that identifies a website.”

We can simplify it and say that a domain name is the name for your website. That name is attached to something called top-level domains such as “.com”, “.net”, “.biz”, “.tv” and so on. If we spend too much time on extensions we will end up halfway around the World Wide Web so for now let’s leave those where they are

You’ve done it!

You’ve finally realized your dream of owning your business, being your own boss. You’ve invested and created and named it. The small groups of customers you do have love your product and tell their friends about you, friends who live on the other side of town and do not visit your area often. It’s at this point when you realize that you have no presence online for eCommerce and sharing your product with the world.
Then you see the website of a close friend and colleague. “Why didn’t I think of this before? All I need is an awesome looking website and bam! All my customers will find me and won’t have to go out of their way to contact and buy from my business.”

Try to find the .com extension first

.com domain names have the best chance of being found and it is the easiest to remember.
Your page will reap a little SEO benefit because most search engines will flag this as having a better chance of being a reputable business.
Use .com!

Choose your words carefully

“How can I make sure I am not choosing something that can realistically hurt my reputation immediately?” Great question, because just after a little digging online I was able to find the following website names and hold on, this will get ugly:

Speed of Art –
IT Scrap –
Therapist Finder –
Ben Dover –
American Scrap Metal –
Teachers Talking –
Who Reprents –

These sites are actually online, right now – No kidding!

Try not to use abbreviations or slang

Let’s say you own a mobile computer repair business and you want the name to be easy to remember. You name your site sounds easy right? The issue will come about when you have to explain how to enter the domain name, “yes sir, well it’s like tech to go but you use the number 2 and the number 4 and the word you.”
On paper, this seems simple but keep in mind that online shoppers have trouble remembering long domain names, as noted by Patrick Tan in his book Success with Onlne Retailing: For Small Businesses. As a result, you may lose repeat customers. If you wish, you may register the long form and short form for the sake of claiming your digital space..

Keywords are king!

There are articles you can find online that discuss this in greater detail, but use shorter names and stronger, richer keywords.
One reason is that a search engine will consider SEO the domain name when it scores your site and the effect of that is where in the ranking order your page shows up in.
Another reason is that relevancy matters because your domain name is the words that a user will use for the anchor text. This helps a search engine decide what the domain name is regarding, what the subject matter is. Think about a news site like for example.

Less is best

This is pretty simple, people will remember better than they will

Other tips include

  • Avoid dashes
  • Use 3 words or less
  • Stay away from second level domains such as .mobi

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