Do It Yourself VPS Hosting Makes Your Business Better.

Build a Unique Server That Caters to Your Unique Business 

Flexible Customization

Scaling your resource usage reduces depletion and renewal costs. You can always change your memory, disk space, CPUs, bandwidth and more from our user-friendly server builder. Trouble choosing options? Contact us for all the information and assistance you could possibly need. We love to help you reach success.

Merry Members

We love our members and offer them incredible, affordable, and swift features with each of our products. Every package created is priced competitively with instantaneous build hosting for all of your sites and applications. 

Powerful Tools

It’s your server, so everything is possible. Create your own code or select our one-click installation features to get everything you need. You pick the tools, we help get them working for better building. 

Unlimited Web Hosting with Virtual Stacks Systems
Scalable IT from Virtual Stacks Systems

24/7 Technical Support

Our VPS specialists are always here to assist with any issues that you may encounter. We believe strongly in building and testing products for our customers. Call 1-877-368-4446 or quickly start a Live Chat.

Powerful Performance

Get as many CPUs as you need, add backup space, large disk sizes IP addresses and RAM. It’s easy to use the slider for all the needs of your custom VPS.

OS For All

Virtual Stacks Systems provides access to any Operating System Template you desire. You can base your custom VPS on Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, CentOS, Windows 8, Windows 12 or Stackware.

Easy Configuration

Pick the size you want and the memory you need then purchase from there. It really is that simple. We break down all of the costs for you to be pleased with exactly what you are getting.
Why Choose Virtual Stacks Systems

Why Build a Custom Virtual Private Server?

For businesses, and individuals, looking for assurance that they are getting exactly what they require for the best price, custom VPS hosting is a fantastic option. Only pay for the resources you need and use, nothing more. If you still struggle with which option to choose and how much space you may need down the road, start with a custom server and simply upgrade later. All solutions are scalable and you can even build as you grow your online universe.


But Is It For Me?

We love offering numerous options that cater to every business and every budget. Virtual Stacks Systems has a VPS hosting solution for every business. You can choose the amount bandwidth, add in a few CPUs or stack your memory as much as you want. We can even provide a breakdown of all of your services and create an account for you where you can manage your VPS at your convenience.